Baby Clementoni Baby Disney Ball Drop House | Review

This item was sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Recently, we reviewed the Baby Clementoni Baby T-Rex and I mentioned that Olivia had been sent a number of items to review. This time around, we are reviewing the Baby Disney Ball Drop House, another of the items that we were sent.

The Baby Disney Ball Drop House from Baby Clementoni is for 10 months plus and features baby Mickey, baby Minnie and baby Pluto. The balls roll down from the chimney down it’s route to the bottom which will delight and entertain your child.

The mechanical activities on the roof are said to help your child develop manual dexterity, while the ball’s route will help them understand the relationship between cause and effect.

The house comes in a few different pieces which you need to build together. This is relatively easy although a little fiddly in places – you have to ensure everything is slotted into place and then apply the stickers included.

Olivia was very excited as we put together the house and couldn’t wait for it to be ready. As soon as it was all set up, she grabbed the ball and set it on its merry path.

The ball makes its descent very quickly and Olivia happily sat there and played constantly for ages, getting the ball out from the bottom and sending it down the chute once again. She happily showed it to Jack as soon as he arrived home and played with him with it for ages too.

The house helps children with certain skills – it aids their visual perception, tactile perception, hand/eye co-ordination, imaginative play and space perception. I found that Olivia, the longer she played with the ball drop house, seemed to get more precise with picking up the ball – she could work out when it was about to reach the bottom and had her hands ready to catch it and pop it back in the top.

This ball drop house is aimed at ages 10 months plus and while Olivia is nearly two, I don’t think this set is too young for her at all as some may think – this keeps her really entertained for ages and I’ve noticed her becoming quicker and more precise with her movement – she’s getting better with her hand/eye co-ordination and I definitely think this toy has something to do with it.

If you are buying for a little one this Christmas, I think this would make a lovely gift idea, don’t you?

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  1. I think this is the one I bought my nephew for Christmas off his wishlist, he loves DIsney already *yay* and he is like Miss O and in to everything and anything x

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