What Do I Want For Christmas?

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I find gift giving relatively easy – except for a few people in my family and friendship circle who are notoriously hard to buy for. The one thing I do struggle with is knowing what I want myself for Christmas. I thought, with the festive content I have going up, it would be interesting to talk about the things I want for Christmas – it has taken me ages to actually work out what I want!

An Instant Pot

This has actually been on my list most of the year after seeing lots of lovely food bloggers publishing recipes using them. Steve has been asking a lot of questions regarding them recently so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I may get one this Christmas – or perhaps for my birthday next month.

A new bed

This is probably a bit of a pie in the sky wish but we could certainly do with a new bed – and something I have been thinking about for a while is TV Beds – I’ve considered getting one for years but never got around to it or we didn’t necessarily need a new bed at that time. I remember seeing a TV Bed for the first time ever on a TV show I was watching and it looked SO cool. Then my friend’s parents got one and it made me want one even more. With our bed showing signs of age and us going to be needing a new one soon, a joint Christmas present to each other of a new bed is surely a good idea, don’t you think? At least it is something we need!

Andrew Neel

A new Fitbit

My last Fitbit broke when I was pregnant with Olivia and I’ve been relying on the step counter on my phone ever since which isn’t all that reliable, actually. The last few months, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight and from January, I want to get back on the health kick and weight loss plan – more healthy eating and more exercise. I’m lucky enough to know that I am definitely getting a new Fitbit for Christmas which I am very excited about!

Some perfume

What girl doesn’t love perfume at Christmas? I’ve just bought my mum two perfumes for Christmas but I always hope for a new fragrance or two myself. A new perfume is such a treat for me – I rarely buy them for myself which is completely the opposite to myself ten years ago when I would head to my local fragrance counter and buy myself a new perfume every payday. There’s so many beautifully smelling fragrances out there – I’d love to own them all but that isn’t possible, haha!

Some new books

A bookworm like me always likes new books and I’ve been making an extensive wishlist, thanks to the reviews from different bloggers. I’m a big crime fiction/murder mystery fan and I have seen so many books that I love the sound of and want to read!

I think my family are breathing a sigh of relief to finally have some ideas of what to get me this year. What gifts are you hoping for this year?

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