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Now it isn’t every day you get asked to review a phone – and the chances often don’t swing by just when you are in need of one but it seems Lady Luck was shining down on me and decided to rescue me from my ancient HTC Radar after an unfortunate accident befell my old Samsung. 

The phone I was given the opportunity to review? The new Asus Zenphone 5LTE. Now forgive me for being a little ignorant but I wasn’t actually aware that Asus made smartphones until this opportunity came up and this had me all the more excited waiting for it to be delivered. I’m a big Android fan and much prefer it to Apple and the dreaded Windows operating systems so was looking forward to having another piece of beloved Android software in my hands.
Definitely a smartphone to beat - the Asus Zenphone 5LTE impresses and then some!

The first thing I always check out on a new phone is the expected battery life and what type of SIM it takes. The Asus Zenphone 5LTE takes a micro SIM as is the norm for most smartphones these days. The battery life so far has truly impressed me – it has lasted me the whole day, only beginning to warn me of low battery just before I am going to bed. Having been used to various other smartphones whose battery lives are appalling, it is refreshing to see a phone that can hold such an impressive charge. The Zenphone also offers a smart saver mode with three options available for users to choose from, enabling your battery to stay alive for longer.
Asus Zenphone 5LTE - perfect choice for those on a budget with an Android operating system and everything you could need.
The display of the Zenphone 5LTE is 5″ with a 1280 x 720 resolution. This is not the highest resolution you will see in a smartphone but enough to still be considered HD. I am much more used to phones with smaller displays and  higher resolutions so it took a bit of getting used to, however I think I am there now. The only niggle I have is the inability to see the screen in direct sunlight – although I haven’t really got room to complain during this cold winter, have I? 

I am very clumsy so I was worried about the quality of the phone – I’ve been known to crack a few cases and smash a few screens in my time but I needn’t have worried. The casing feels relatively sturdy for soft back plastic and although smashing the screen is always a worry with a smartphone, I’ve been so careful with it due to past experiences and hoping to keep it that way!

As I’m sure most other bloggers will agree, there are a few things we look for in a smartphone. A decent camera and the ability to download all of our favourite apps – check and check. This phone offers both, leaving me extremely happy. 

The camera is an 8 megapixel rear facing camera with an LED flash and auto focus. There are a number of different options available when taking a picture but so far I have just used the basic features and been impressed with the results – one such picture is shown to the left and I have been spamming Instagram with pictures too after weeks without it! I’m looking forward to getting some real Christmas crackers when it comes to pictures this year!

Talking about the camera leads me nicely into the responsiveness of this device. I’m loving how quickly the phone responds to taking a picture – almost instantly – because there is nothing worse than having to wait for ages for that shot to be taken – especially with a stubborn toddler like mine!

The Asus Zenphone 5 LTE’s responsiveness is nothing to be sniffed at – it responds almost instantly with no lag and users can easily move from app to app. A great function to aid with the responsiveness is the fantastic Glove Touch function – a must in the depths of winter!

We’ve all been there – having to take our gloves off so that we can use our phone – so it has been great to see some smartphones adding such a feature in recent years. The Asus Zenphone 5 LTE is one such phone, offering the function with just a click of a button. Seeing as I am always in gloves in the winter and always on my phone, I was curious to see if it really could work or whether I was just getting my hopes up.

The outcome? Very impressive. I was fearful that the feature wouldn’t really work but as you can see, it is easy to select what it is you need and easily swipe across. The function is easy to find on the home screen – simply pulling the notification bar down on the top right hand side of the screen brings down a menu with a variety of options. Select the Glove Touch function and the phone is good to go.


Whilst the screen resolution and camera aren’t as great as other smartphones on the market, the Asus Zenphone 5 LTE sure does put up a good fight. Retailing at £199, the phone offers an affordable alternative to the other phones on the market and does so with style.

PROS – Great battery life, fantastic Glove Touch function, stylish design, affordable, runs on Android.

CONS- Lower resolution than other smartphones, inability to see screen in direct sunlight despite alternating brightness.

Would I recommend this smartphone? Certainly, The Asus Zenphone 5 LTE is perfect for those who are on a budget but still want a great smartphone that has all that they need. Running the Android operating system means access to a variety of great apps that most people require or want when buying a phone and the long battery life is also a huge selling point for me.

I may have been ignorant when it came to Asus and smartphones before but I certainly won’t be from now on. In fact, I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer next. 

We were sent this phone free of charge for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. My current Samsung is deader than roadkill to be honest, and I can finally leave my current contract in five weeks, this review makes me seriously consider this phone. Thanks Bex, and I truly appreciate the honest about screen res not seeming as HD as we've become used to.

  2. We were really impressed by the phone – we had such low expectations at the price. The camera is far better than my current HTC.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week and I hope you have a lovely Christmas!

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