Alternative Heating Options: Different Approaches To Heating Your Home

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In today’s day and age we have so much new technology and constant innovation happening, but not everyone knows or realises it’s happening.

This innovation means that we basically have far more choices in our day-to-day lives. But if we don’t realise our options, how can we make a choice?

With us being in the midst of winter now, most of us will be experiencing the mental battle of being chilly but not wanting to have the heating on 24/7 for fear of our bills shooting through the roof.

Do not fret. There are ways around this, we don’t live in the stone age anymore! So let’s have a look at some of the options for alternative heating, some of which most of us probably didn’t know existed!

Heating oil…

Most homes in the UK will have a gas boiler installed or have access to installing one. However, if you live somewhere more rural or slap bang in the middle of nowhere, things get a bit trickier. This could actually work to your advantage though!

Oil central heating systems are a great example of alternative heating that will save you some pennies, both initially when installing and in the long run. Heating oil produces more heat per unit than natural gas can, so you can use less to heat more of your home!

Wondering how to go about installing and maintaining an oil-based heating system? Rix offer high quality but cheap heating oil and can take you through the whole process with ease and care. They offer a range of products and services to make installing and using oil to heat your home as easy and stress-free as it can be. Once the oil tank itself is installed, Rix can supply you with their quality heating oil whenever its needed and if you ever have any issues, they offer a range of servicing options.

Solar-powered heating…

This alternative heating method is on the rise, as more and more homes across the UK can be seen to have covered their roof with solar panels. It is a completely natural way to heat your home as it simply absorbs the sun’s rays and heats up a fluid which travels straight to your boiler.

If you have the money to invest in installing the solar panels initially, it is well worth doing – you will earn the money back relatively quickly with your energy bill savings! We are all becoming increasingly aware of the environmental problem that we have to face and installing solar panels is one way to do your bit whilst really increasing the value of your home.

The only perhaps downside of solar panels is that they wouldn’t be sufficient as your only home-heating method. We live in England where much to our dismay, sun is scarce, especially in the winter months when we need our heating the most! Please don’t let this put you off though, using solar-powered alternative heating alongside your average gas boiler would still save you a lot of money.

Heat pumps…

It seems unfortunate that the most eco-friendly alternative heating options are pricey to install. However, if you’ve watched all the recent documentaries highlighting the sad extent of environmental damage or even seen the controversy occurring online, you probably consider it worth the investment.

Heat pumps are another alternative heating method to consider, which produce absolutely no greenhouse gases. Hooray! In simple terms, heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to absorb cold air from one place and release it as hot air in the areas where it’s needed.

It’s all well and good investing in a system that will reduce your carbon footprint, but when you are a parent, you have to put your family’s best interests first. So what’s even better with heat pump systems is that they’re highly efficient too. What could be better than doing your bit to save the environment and being toasty warm at the same time?

As you can see, there’s actually plenty of alternative heating systems out there for you and your family to try. It’s all about weighing up your priorities and deciding what works best for you!

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