3 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Invest In A Family Photoshoot

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Everyone knows that part of childhood is begrudgingly standing still for family photos when you’d much rather be off causing mischief.

Refusing to smile, pulling ugly faces, pinching your sibling when no one’s looking… it’s all part of it and makes for some hilarious pictures to look back on.

These days, it almost feels like the magic of family photos is being lost. We’re living in the technological age. So instead, we find it much easier to snap pictures of our children sneakily and ad-hoc rather than getting everyone together and creating a lasting memory.

When we do remember to take family pictures, it is even more rare for every member to be included. Mums or dads are usually stuck behind the camera, shouting ‘say cheese!’ but being greeted with a range of moody expressions.

These are just some of the reasons why investing some time to attend a family photoshoot is a wonderful idea. All you have to do is choose a good outfit, drag your kids along (good luck) and follow instructions. But what you will leave with is professional and high-quality photographs of all the family which are sure to last a lifetime.

Your kids will most definitely thank you later!

Let’s have a look at the three big reasons why booking in for a family photoshoot is worth your time and money.

1. Recording memories and growth… 



The first big reason why going for a family photoshoot is a great idea is for the lasting memories that they create.

Photos might just capture a certain moment in time, but when your family look back on them, all the memories from that time will come flooding back. Having family photo shoots at different stages in your children’s lives is an amazing way to capture their growth on camera – it’s shocking and pretty sad how much information our brain lets go.

As well as being a beautiful thing for parents to look back on, your children will be grateful to have photos to remind them of their cute, interesting and some downright hilarious phases.

Capturing memories in a professional setting will also benefit not just your family but future generations to come. Although smartphones these days are capable of producing relatively high-quality pictures, we are all guilty of having far too many photos stored on our phones. This ends up meaning lovely family snaps end up getting lost in the abyss.

Going to a photography studio and spending money on a family photoshoot means the pictures that come out of it will be printed, framed, sent around to various family members and more. They definitely wouldn’t be forgotten about.

2. Have fun together…



A family photoshoot doesn’t have to be the bog-standard boring type either, with everyone standing in a group with cheesy grins. They offer a bonding opportunity for your family of all ages to get together and have some fun.

In today’s society, we are all about capturing ‘candid’ moments, but why not let someone else worry about this part for you?

Nousha are a professional family and child photography company based in London. They take a fun and unique approach to the typical family photoshoot by encouraging all families to just let loose and be completely themselves in the studio. Having this relaxed and fun nature means that all the pictures produced are real and represent your family’s individual character.

3. High-quality pics… 



The third and final big reason why you should get cracking and book in for a family photoshoot is just simply the quality. It is highly unlikely that you have fancy camera equipment just lying about the house and it is definitely not worth going out and buying any. At professional photography studios, top of the range equipment is all there, set up and ready to go.

The extremely high quality of the pictures and the range of forms that you can have them printed in, makes a family photoshoot well worth the investment. You can order your prints blown up onto canvases to decorate your home or even just use a few as greeting cards. Whatever your preference and budget, the option is there with a professional family photoshoot.

(All images included taken by Nousha themselves)

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