Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts From Home Bargains

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We don’t have a Home Bargains close by – well, the nearest store is 10 miles away so about a half hour’s drive so when I do go past one, I do like to head in. This year they have some fantastic Mother’s Day gifts available for all of us shopping on a budget. Want to get more for your money? Then head on over to Home Bargains!

I know that both my Mum and mother in law would be happy to receive some of these items for their Mother’s Day gifts – and it wouldn’t break the bank for us either. So what kind of gifts do they have for you right now in Home Bargains?

Love frame – 99p

This frame is absolutely beautiful and I can’t believe it is only 99p! I believe that both my mum and mum in law would love these – especially as they could put pictures of the kids in them!Scrumptious Sweets Delicious Milk Chocolate Hearts – 79p & Chocolate Lollipop – 59p

Who doesn’t love chocolate on Mother’s Day? You don’t need to buy Mum a massive box of chocolates – these hearts and heart lollipop will surely do the trick.Circle Necklace – £1.99 and Diamond Compact Mirror – £1.99

If your Mum loves a little bit of jewellery or her makeup, these are some great gift ideas. Can you believe that the necklace is so affordable and what woman doesn’t carry a compact mirror in her handbag. These will be much appreciated gifts.Mothers’s Day Bunting 79p and Nan Keyring – £1.29

If you’re planning on doing something special for Mother’s Day, then this bunting is perfect for the decor and so affordable too at just 79p!

This keyring is something I know my mum would cherish – she lives for her grandchildren so would really love this and I’m sure other Nans across the country would too.
Harmony Bath & Body Set

This bath and body set is sure to go down a treat. What mum doesn’t love smellies as a gift? I personally love them as it means I don’t have to fork out my own cash on them. I know that the mums in my life would appreciate this.Cocktail Jar – £2.99

The final gift is something for the cocktail lovers in your life. My mum is a fan of Smirnoff vodka so I know she’d appreciate this gift – it is a glass with the ingredients needed for a Flamingo Berry Cosmo! You’d expect to pay around this amount for a Smirnoff miniature so to get a miniature, a mixer and the glass is fantastic for the price.

These are just a handful of the gifts available for Mother’s Day this year – what would you want out of the above items?

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