How We Are Trying To Be More Environmentally Friendly As A Family

We’ve recently decided in this household to be as environmentally friendly as we can be. We have been doing little things in the past but have never really tried as hard as we could. This is changing though, we want to do our bit to help save the planet. So what have we got planned to live more environmentally friendly as a family?

Recycling All That We Can

I’ve double and triple checked our local authorities website to see what can be recycled and we are literally recycling everything we possibly can. If it can go in a recycling bin, we are recycling it. For the stuff that local authorities don’t collect from us, we are collecting them up and taking them to collection points. Clothes to clothing banks, batteries to the drop off points. Jack has actually got a clothes recycling scheme collecting on Friday morning so we’ve bagged up a few bags for that.

Another thing we are doing is Jack is taking in our old cardboard and plastic to school as well for junk modelling. They are always crying out for material so I’d much rather it went to use at school or is popped in our recycling box than going to landfill because people can’t be bothered to put it in the right place.

Keeping The Heating Down

We don’t have the heating running pretty much all the time like some homes do – if it’s a little bit chilly, we put on a jumper. We only put the heating on if it is really cold – like the minus five degree weather from last week. This helps to save energy.

Conserving Water

This is something I saw my Dad do – mainly because he was a gardener and had plenty of items planted in his garden which needed watering – however this can be useful even if you aren’t an avid gardener as he was. A couple of years ago my brother bought my Dad a water butt as a gift and I think it is one of the gifts my Dad most appreciated in his whole lifetime as it was so useful. Whilst we don’t have nearly as much planted in our garden as my Dad did, I definitely think a water butt would be of use – perhaps one of these freeflush water butts – for when we need to water the plants in the garden or swill away the horrible poop left by animals that come into our garden.

A water butt is a container used to collect rainwater. In a rainwater harvesting system, water flows from the roof down a downpipe (drainpipe), through the diverter, and then into the water butt. You can then use the water for whatever you need it for – my Dad used it to water his plants and produce.


Changing Our Lightbulbs

This is something we’ve been doing for a while anyway but we’ve been changing all the lightbulbs in the house to more eco friendly alternatives. It’s the little things that can really help, it all adds up.

Buying Local

This is definitely something we could do better at so I am looking at the local farms and produce providers to see what we can buy locally. We already have milk delivered from a local business so it shouldn’t take too much to make some more steps towards buying more local produce.


Turn It Off

Finally, we are trying to make sure we turn things off when we leave the room or the house. Whether it is a light as we leave the room or all of the devices as we leave the house, this is something we really need to get better at. Do you have any tips on how to remember to do this?

What steps are you taking to become more enivronmentally friendly as a family?


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  1. these are all fabulous starts to leading a more environmentally friendly life, and so amazing you are sharing the journey with your family! I have been thinking of starting a water barrel collection as well — just need to find a barrel!

  2. This is awesome. I love that you’re encouraging your family to save more energy and help the environment out. It’s also going to lessen your utility bill. Love it!

  3. Well done for deciding to make some small changes 🙂 we started on our journey about 5 years ago and we haven’t looked back. There are so many simple ways to start and this list is great

  4. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing as a family, we have done exactly the same from about 5 years ago, and we are feeling a lot better too knowing that we are helping the environment.

  5. WE are trying to do what we can too. It’s hard though because I’ll sometimes catch myself doing something I know I could do better at. But I guess that’s part of it. Acknowledging where the changes can be made.

  6. I always turn the lights and the heating off when I leave a room. I have electric individual heating for each room, which makes it easier to keep the heaters on only in the rooms that I actually use.

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