3 Reasons To Have Composite French Doors Instead Of uPVC French Doors

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Do you have French doors or have you been considering them? Do you know the difference between composite French doors and uPVC French doors? I bet you probably don’t – plenty of people don’t!

Here are three different reasons why you should choose to have composite French doors installed instead of uPVC French doors. You can get both uPVC French doors and composite French doors from Chase Windows.

The Safety Element

Whilst you may have been considering other options, composite doors offer an alternative to the more mainstream materials of choice. Composite doors are made from a mixture of materials which really help the safety aspect of the door. Solidor (offered by Chase Windows) have a large range of composite doors and these come fitted with an exclusive unique lock system which has been rigorously tested and is the largest and strongest hook and bolt system in the door system. Others in the range have auto locking and electronics so you can always be assured about the security of your product – and know that you are safe indoors as no one can get in.

Good At Keeping In The Heat (And Stopping The Cold From Coming In)

When it comes to French doors, you don’t want your heat escaping and you certainly don’t want the bitter cold sneaking its way in. The mixture of materials form a laminated and extra strong door which ensures that you will be kept warm and toasty without having to worry about the cold getting in.

They Look Good

What is good about this is that you can get a style to suit pretty much any property. You could live in the most modern or properties, an old cottage or something in between and there will be something suitable for you. All the doors in all the different styles have their own characteristics so there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

You are also able to choose the colour finish for your composite French doors so you will be able to find the perfect colour finish to not only suit your property but that you love too! The colour finishes can be different on the inside and the outside and either can be decor matching or in complete contrast – it is totally up to you!

Whilst uPVC doors may be a tempting option due to the combination of panels, extensive range of glass options and a wide range of styles and colours, it is easy to see why plenty of people are opting for composite French doors when updating their property.

Have you ever had French doors put in? What material did you choose?

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