Olivia | 21 Months

Wow…it has been FAR too long since I last did an update about Olivia. Can you believe she is almost 2? It seems just like yesterday that I was announcing I was pregnant with her!

As said in the title, Olivia is now 21 months and I swear she has hit the Terrible Two’s a little early. Sometimes she can be a really loving and affectionate little girl but if she is not in the mood, boy will she tell you! She can throw the most crazy tantrum and her screeches are deafening!

However, when she is a calm and not being a pain, she is so lovely. She adores her brother – always asking for him when he is at school. Since I last updated you, she has started attending a playgroup once a week which she absolutely adores – she loves meeting up with all of her little friends, playing some games, doing some activities, eating her snacks and singing some songs.

How is she getting on with her milestones? We’ve started potty training her but letting her take the lead. She is now more often than not telling us when she needs to go so we try to get her to the potty before it happens. We’re not too stressed though – she’s still very young.

She’s got plenty of teeth now – she had none for ages and they all seem to have now sprung out of nowhere! She is also saying quite a few words now: Mummy, Daddy, Jack, Nanny, Water, Cake, Peppa, Po (from the Teletubbies), Apple, Baby, Okay, Thank You. She also says Please as Peas and You’re Welcome as You’re Waddle which is hilarious!

She has her loves and she particularly loves Teletubbies at the moment plus Ben and Holly and Peppa (as always!). She has developed an obsession with the film Frozen and has a real liking for a couple of Jack’s friends which is really cute. She is very independent, often stubborn and really knows her own mind.

She is most certainly a whirlwind and I know she’s going to be a right handful as she gets older as she is so strong minded now! She is adorable though and I love spending my days with her, especially when it is just me and her once Steve has gone to work and Jack is at school. I also love our days out as a family as she is really starting to ‘get’ things and enjoy herself more. I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring.

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  1. She is so super cute !! Enjoy every bit of her at this age as she will grow so fast! I remember both my kids had their terrible two stages when they were almost three, but luckily it did not last too long.

  2. I love how she says your welcome as waddle. It’s so cute to hear them speak. We are potty training too but it’s all very relaxed. Where does the time go!

  3. She is adorable and just perfect. Time flies! Can’t believe I gave birth six months ago. It feels like yesterday. Before I know my baby girl will be of Olivia age. These babies need to slow down. What’s the hurry 🙂

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