Keeping Children Happy When Travelling

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Travelling can be stressful at the best of the times but if you are taking your whole family along for the ride too, it can get even more stressful. It is so important to keep your children happy when travelling otherwise it can ruin the whole journey!

We haven’t yet travelled abroad with Olivia – the furthest we’ve got is Great Yarmouth! – but we have with Jack – to Italy in 2012. But you can travel both abroad and within the country, can’t you? Holiday Gems have asked me to share my top travel tips when travelling with children.

Pack A Bag Full Of Interesting Things

Books, card games, iPad. Whatever you know will keep your children happy, pack it. Jack was just a baby when we went to Rome so slept most of the travel time but on our long car journeys, it is very easy for him to get bored. We always ensure we have the iPad with us so he can watch movies or play games and we also pack some books, toys and card games so he can keep himself amused in the back with his sister and whoever else happens to be travelling with us (usually my mum).

Bring Some Snacks

Children are always hungry (well, they say they are) so it is important to make sure you have some snacks packed for your journey. Fruit, crisps, cooked meat – these are all perfect to put in your handbag and pull out when the inevitable ‘I’m hungry’ whine permeates your eardrums.

Think Ahead

If travelling abroad, make sure you think ahead – book seats together, check flight check in times and things you can do whilst waiting for your flight. The last thing you want is a bored child complaining before you have even got on the plane.

Consider Them

The final tip I have is to consider them – consider them in ALL aspects of your holiday. Make sure the place where you are going is somewhere they will be happy, consider their thoughts and feelings during the actual travelling process and make sure they are kept occupied and not bored.

These are my top travelling tips – what are yours? Have you checked out the top tips for flying with children on the Holiday Gems website?

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WIN 4 Rolls of LEGO Compatible Sticky Brick Tape

Are your children LEGO mad just like mine? Do they wish they could stick LEGO absolutely anywhere – and you are hating the immense pain you suffer when you manage to accidentally step onto a pile of bricks?

All you need to do is snip your tape, stick the adhesive tape to any surface of your choice and then let the building commence… It’s as easy as that! Watch as your kids use their LEGO to craft gravity-defying works of art – how cool?

Fully compatible with LEGO, this tape allows you to turn any surface into a building block fun zone. Now you can build around corners, on curves and even onto other objects!

With free shipping worldwide, Sticky Brick Tape is so cool and enables your children to build on it anywhere.

Jack is loving his and is having fun building absolutely everywhere. I’ll be sure to share some of his creations on Instagram soon!

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Jungle Jam in Brazil | Review & Giveaway

Jack is such a little bookworm, much like I was when I was a child, so whenever we are offered books to review for him, I always agree as I know he’s bound to be excited by them turning up.

We were recently offered the chance to review Jungle Jam In Brazil by Noam and Louise Lederman. This is the second book in the Jungle Jam series (we were kindly sent the first book too) and are available to buy here as a pair for just £11 – how great! With more to come in the series, we can’t to read more!

Jungle Jam in Brazil, illustrated by Jason James, follows the story of Gina The Giraffe. The Jungle Jam band are going to Brazil to perform but Gina has never been away from home and is a little scared! Gina is very anxious on the whole trip but the band help her to conquer her fears.

The tale is a great story of learning to conquer your fears and how people can help you through it. With the positive encouragement of her Jungle Jam bandmates, she is able to give things a go that she otherwise wouldn’t. Aren’t they great friends? The tale really shows children that they can do anything they put their mind to if they really want to; that they too can be big,brave and strong.

I love stories for my children like this – stories that tell them that they can achieve their goals if they put their mind to it. Currently, Jack has very big ambitions and stories like this really encourage him to keep pushing for his dreams.

The illustrations in the book are absolutely incredible – just look at how great the animals look, how colourful they are. You can really tell how they are all feeling – Jason James has done an incredible job. As we expected, the words really convey the story well too. Done in rhyme, the story flows quickly and easily and keeps you interested throughout. Another great addition to the book is the inclusion of an activity sheet for your children too – Jack loves these in books so was happy to see this! There was even a Brazil facts sheet so your child can learn all about Brazil too which is great!

Jack loves to read this to himself now that he is getting so good with his reading or also loves reading it to Olivia. He is quite an independent little chap so I have read it to him a couple of times but he prefers to read it himself, haha!

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Summer Fun With Silly Spaghetti from Paul Lamond Games & Giveaway!

The summer holidays can be long and boring for a five year old so we are trying to ensure that we have plenty to do over the next few weeks. As well as days out, we love staying in and playing games as a family so when we were given the opportunity to review Silly Spaghetti from Paul Lamond Games, we were very happy. Jack loves games that require something a little different from the norm and this is certainly the game for this.

Silly Spaghetti is designed for 2-4 players and the main aim of the game is to be the first to untangle your spaghetti from the pins by wrapping around your fork, as you would do spaghetti you are eating. You receive a plastic play board, a cardboard ‘topping’ with holes cut out, a select amount of pegs and stickers to use on those and the die and four different coloured strings. The stickers are the peppers, tomatoes, meatballs, mushrooms and spaghetti. The spaghetti gets dropped onto the board and the pegs are then pushed in – and then the game begins!

You each choose a fork and make sure your spaghetti is wound as tight as possible around your fork and then every player takes turns to roll the dice. The youngest player goes first. Whatever you land on, you take a peg corresponding to that ingredient out. If you land on a star, that is a free play and you get to choose which ingredient peg you take out. You want to remove the toppings that are blocking your spaghetti so you can free it more easily and so you can win the game.

With Jack being 5, he didn’t always understand how to make the best move – sometimes he would remove the peg that made it easier for the rest of us so we had to teach him to seek out the ones which would help him more than they would help us. Hopefully he will get better at making these decisions for himself in the next few games we play.

The game is great for children aged 4+ – although those of a younger age may not quite understand trying to choose the best peg for themselves rather than everyone elses – they may end up picking randomly instead of thinking about it.

However Jack had great fun playing this with us – it is a great game for all the family, all the pieces are incredibly sturdy. I can’t wait to play this again as a family and I am sure this will be brought out time and time again when his friends come over to play.

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