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I’ve been holding a lot of giveaways for children recently and realised that I hadn’t done one for my readership in a while. My readership is predominantly female aged 18-40 so I thought it would be nice to put together a giveaway out of my own pocket for all of you ladies! Today you are in with the chance of winning this fantastic Soap & Glory Irresistibubble gift set…

soap and glory

It’s Friday 13th, dark and dismal so why not spread some cheer and enter to win something that I personally want for myself, its so cute! For your chance of winning, just fill in the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is UK only, ends at 11.59pm on the 23rd of November 2015. The giveaway is open to those 18 +. Winner picked at random via Rafflecopter. Please allow 28 days for delivery. No automated entries. No bulk or third party entries. One entry per person. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I would love a bottle of perfume for Christmas, maybe if I am lucky some chocolate and a gorgeous soap and glory set too .

  2. Id love a voucher to go and get my hair done in a salon! Ive been using DIY hair dye’s for ages for ease, but id love to go to a salon and be pampered!

  3. We’re in desperate need of a new kitchen floor, but this year I’d actually be happy with nothing for Christmas. I’ll just be happy spending the whole day with family

  4. Besides a peaceful, stress free rest I would be happy with gift vouchers. Then I can buy some new clothes etc for winter

  5. Some books or computer games would be great, but mostly I’m just looking forward to having a bit of a break from college to relax with ^_^

  6. I’d most like all the family to be at home at Christmas (fingers crossed, that’s looking good), but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at some new perfume or a new bag 🙂

  7. Not anything in particular to be honest, just the opportunity to spend some quality time with my family, although I’d never say no to some chocolate!

  8. I’d love some books that I want to read, an adult colouring book which I think I’d loose myself in and some new sleepwear.

  9. I am hoping that I get christmas off work so I can go to my mum and dads, which means I don’t have to work a night shift then cook christmas dinner and it also means I get help entertaining the kids!!

  10. I really want an apple watch – and I’m never usually that techy! I never have the latest phone or anything, but I love the idea of a watch with connectivity to a phone 🙂

  11. Sensible answer would be an Ipad (had my heart set on one for a bit). Daft answer would be to see my favourite rockband in concert again There’s an explanation for that, I had to wait almost 20 years before getting the chance to see them this year (and it took their singer to break his leg before I even got this chance). Really need to see them again now.

  12. Hi we’re hoping to see the happy faces of our children as they open their gifts….. Also a more peaceful world would be good!

  13. I’m looking forward to our first Christmas with our baby granddaughter. My daughter, son-in-law and baby are coming to us on Xmas eve and staying until Boxing day, which my husband & I are very excited about.

  14. I’d like for my eight year old to have the best Christmas ever because I don’t think he’ll believe in Santa by next year.

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