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Last week I posted about my two-part Amazon giveaway with Sarah from Life in a Break Down. Last week we kicked off with part one running via Rafflecopter and this week we start part 2 with Gleam.

The idea is to get a good overview of how you, our readers like to enter competitions and give us some more insight into the workings of Gleam. To see if it is something that we feel in the long term could work for running competitions.

If you haven’t tried either of the platforms before, why not try the one which is new to you first? (You can find my Rafflecopter run giveaway here!) There is a prize for each competition (just so there is no confusion, one winner will be picked on the Rafflecopter application and one on the Gleam application. So if you got really lucky you could win £50.

This week our question to you is hopefully going to let us know a bit more about why you like your favourite competition application, so let us know (after taking the poll).

Why do you like Rafflecopter or Gleam best?

Good Luck to you all and we are really looking forward to seeing the results of this little experiment!

Win a £25 Amazon Voucher

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  1. To be honest, both have their advantages and disadvantages – gleams are obviously quicker to enter if they don’t have the ‘watch this YouTube video’ option – which can become boring if you are required watch the same video daily throughout the entry period!

  2. Gleam tends to be quicker and remembers my details. Rafflecopter is the pain for the share a tweet task then you have to leave the site go find the correct tweet link to paste in the thing and load it all up again.

  3. As an entrant I prefer Gleam because of having to paste in the Tweet URL on Rafflecopter, which I find tricky if I’m on my tablet or phone. But when I’ve run comps I’ve preferred Rafflecopter.

  4. I hate that most Gleam force you to sign up to allow 3rd party control of your Social Media accounts and have had nothing but trouble with them tweeting spam. I only enter Rafflecopters now

  5. I find gleam easier, no need to copy the url and paste it. There’s not a huge amount in it but if given the choice I would choose Gleam 🙂

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