Why I Love Receiving Flowers

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I don’t know about you but one of my favourite gifts to receive is a bunch of flowers. In the almost ten years we’ve been together, Steve has bought me flowers only a handful of times but this is something I actually appreciate – he only gets me them when it is something meaningful. I’d much rather receive them very occasionally than receive them all the time which diminishes the meaning, to me.

Something else I also appreciate is the fact that he actually considers their meaning to – he doesn’t just choose the nearest possible flowers. He once got me an orchid, simply because he knew it was my favourite.

The meanings behind flowers is something that has always fascinated me. I think this stems from having both a father and a grandmother who loved nothing more than being out in the garden, cultivating their flowers, their plants, their crops. It seems to have spurred an interest in me.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we can expect sales of roses to go through the roof. We will soon be seeing them everywhere – florists, supermarkets, petrol garages – and people will be buying them in their droves. But how many should you buy? Did you know there’s a meaning for how many roses you buy in a bouquet? That’s good to know, right?

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We’ve all seen people handing over that one single red rose but did you know that symbolises love at first sight? Nine roses tells your partner that you want to be together forever and a dozen symbolises infinite love (probably why a dozen is the most popular choice of rose bouquet).

It is so interesting to find this out about rose bouquet choices, especially in the lead up to such a romantic occasion. If you are wondering what number of roses to get your loved one, then you should definitely be finding out what number means what.

I love receiving flowers because they’re special, they show how Steve appreciates me and that he wants to show me. I love that I don’t receive them constantly as I feel like they would lose meaning if I was to receive them all the time. Receiving them infrequently means they are a surprise and not expected – something I truly appreciate.

Do you like receiving flowers as a gift? Do you like to receive them frequently or is it better when they’re not expected? I’d love to know!

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  1. Thanks for the information :- Important to send / receive the correct message / sentiment.

    I like to see flowers in a garden, etc. Outdoors , fresh, looking naturally beautiful and with natures scent.

    Personally I do not like it when indoor flowers start to wither and die. Much prefer to see flowers within a garden, etc.

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