Why Choosing The Right Bathroom Suite Is Important

One of the most important items in the bathroom that needs proper attention is the suite. This is because the dimensions and design of such, that will take up the majority of the overall bathroom will greatly depend on your budget. While you may think that it is difficult to go through the filtering process, it’s actually far from it.

A bathroom suite can consist of many variations of its mainstay items. Most commonly a bath, toilet, sink and pedestal would be the norm and maybe a shower screen, but modern innovations mean shower cabins, vanity units and cabinets are now common in a complete suite

With the fierce competition in the market, you have tons of suites to choose from that won’t break your budget.   This article is geared towards helping readers find the ideal suite for them given each person’s diverse preferences. In this way, you’ll end up with a suite that’ll keep you satisfied for several years.   

First consideration: Style

The first thing that the suite will need to match is the style you have in mind. In line with this, it helps to do an initial research on the various styles and designs that are available. One can accomplish this by doing a simple web search or by browsing the catalogues of known manufacturers. It can be a bit overwhelming at the start but by accomplishing this, you are already preparing yourself for the multitude of designs you’ll see at a physical shop.   It also pays to consider the existing motif of your bathroom. If your bathroom already has a modern feel to it, you’d do well with a classic suite. In the same way, a bathroom with a contemporary design would be complemented well by a modern suite.  

The type of suite should also be considered early on. 4-piece suites are great for smaller bathrooms and the basin-toilet pair also helps introduce a visual effect that is pleasing to the eyes. 5-piece suites, on the other hand, are perfect for medium to large sized bathrooms. These give you an extra fixture to design thanks to the additional bathtub.  

There’s also the option of adding stylish taps and mixers if you want to adorn certain portions of the bathroom. These also come in both traditional and modern styles so it shouldn’t be a problem.  

Last advice on style is to consider the current fad. While you may have dreamt of reliving the style of the 80s, it would simply look out of place these days. Likewise, designs that are too elaborate also run the risk of being outdated as time passes. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, it would be best to stick with a refined, intelligent look that looks like it will age well.   

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Second consideration: Practicality

Now that you’ve considered the stylishness of your suite, you also need to make sure that it performs just as well as it looks. In order to accomplish this, your fixtures need to be very user-friendly.  

Making sure everything fits is an early consideration to keep note of. Be sure to have the dimensions of your bathroom ready prior to making any purchase. Small bathrooms should opt for slimline fixtures as they perform just as well as the regular ones except they are much more compact in terms of size. Another great way to save on space is to use wall hung basins and toilets whenever applicable.  

Lastly, you also need to think about your bathroom usage. For example, if you find that you are only in the bathroom for short periods of time, it would be better to get a shower instead of a bathtub as it occupies lesser space.   

Adding Value

The last item isn’t specifically a consideration but rather one of the advantages of having a bathroom suite. Most people who undergo bathroom renovations usually couple it with improvements and that’s exactly where suites come in. By adding one, the value of your home increases by as much as 3%. That alone is already great motivation to go ahead with it. In the event that you don’t foresee yourself selling your home, it would still be a great investment as the stylish suite will bring about a newer level of comfort never before seen.

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