What Things Do You Need To Consider When Moving House?

Moving house can be a strenuous and stressful business with so much that you need to remember and so many things that you need to budget for. Whether you are moving into a rented property or whether you have bought your first house or have sold one house and bought another, the steps you need to consider when moving house remain the same.

Redirect Your Post

You need to redirect your post for the first few months, just in case. You always get the odd bit of post still trying to wing its way to your old address months after you’ve left the property and months after you’ve updated the companies on your new abode. Redirecting your post to your new address will help avoid this. I’ve had to do this a couple of times now but luckily a few of the moves have been from my parents house so I didn’t have to do this those times as they just passed me on my post.

Consider your budget

There are so many things you need to budget for when it comes to moving house like how much do removal companies cost in London or similar areas – you need to make sure you have the funds or else you will end up making multiple car runs trying to move everything in time. Knowing how much of a budget you need, how much time you need to do it in and what you need is so important so you know where you stand and you can hire the right people for the job and get it all arranged. Finalise details in the week leading up to your move so you are not running around on the day.

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Work out a route

You need to work out a route from your old property to your new property for both yourselves and your movers. It may be straightforward or may require some pre planning but knowing how you are going to get from A to B is vital.

Do your final checks

As you come to the last few days in the house before moving, do your final checks. Make sure everything is all packed away, your freezer food has been completely run down, file away important documents and make sure you have began to notify people of your change of address.

Record final details of your utilities

When moving house, you will usually be changing utility providers, at least for the first week or so until you settle down and move to a provider your prefer. When you are leaving your previous house, record the final readings of your utilities such as gas, electric and water so you can arrange for a final bill to be sent to you and the people moving in can start afresh.

I’ve moved house a couple of times now in my life and we are soon hoping to move again as we need a larger property for our family. I need to remember all of the above things when moving as it is inevitable I will probably forget something – I am just that type of person! Having a checklist of things you need to remember when it comes to moving house is vital – that way, all of the important stuff is covered.

Do you have any tips on things you should do when moving house? Is there anything that I have forgotten to add onto my checklist?


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  1. A house / home move is a major event, as well as decision. As you mention there is much to take into consideration, plan and budget for, etc.

    Therefore maybe it is something which we would benefit from having information, support, etc in order to deal with. As can be a life changing event, which with adequate information, support,, etc could be done effectively, efficiently and with a degree of stress which is tolerable / bearable :- Due to assistance being available.

    How will Government enable individuals and families to find appropriate, affordable, accessible, available housing / homes in which they can be secure, safe, healthy and happy? As homes / housing is a necessity.

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