What Are Milennial Renters Looking For In 2018? #MillennialRenting

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As a milennial who is currently rented and has rented properties for eight years now, I think I know a thing or two about #MillennialRenting and what us tenants are looking for. I’ve had the good, the bad and the frustrating so I think I know what people are looking for when it comes to taking up tenancy in a rented property.

Renting is easily becoming one of the more popular ways to live. Not necessarily because people want to rent but because it is too hard to get on the property ladder. Some just don’t want to settle down and buy a property just yet. With renting becoming so popular, landlords need to know what prospective tenants are looking for – whether that be the downright obvious or something a little more obscure as a request. Millennials currently make up the top renting group so landlords want to knuckle down and ensure they get those tenants.

As a millennial myself, there is plenty I want from a property. I currently live in a two bed property and am looking for a three bed in our area so that Olivia can finally move out of our room and into her own. There are certain things I am looking for that a house has to have for me to even consider opting for it – a decent sized garden that doesn’t require a ton of upkeep (I have friends who’ve rented and been expected to spend every waking moment tending to the garden as the landlord had it a certain way – I just want a grassy area and maybe a flower bed, nothing too fancy!), I would love for a property to allow pets too as Jack is of the age where he is desperate for a pet, bless him. Being close to amenities is a plus – but I live in a village so I’m always close to one of the local shops and being as close to the school as possible is good too – we currently live the other side of the village and Jack only just got into the local school – the only school in the village!

Terrah Holly
Whilst these are all things you would expect a landlord to offer or a tenant to request, there are plenty of other things that are appealing to young renters now such as high speed WiFi included, being able to pay rent online and quick and easy maintenance requests.

Using a site like HomeLet is also great. Whether you are a letting agent, tenant or landlord, they are there for you with plenty of advice. They are the UK’s largest tenant referencing and specialist lettings insurance company and have over 25 years’ experience to their name. I could certainly have done with some of their tenant’s insurance in the past and am considering getting some now – even if we aren’t here in this property for very long. I don’t want to say too much as we still live here but we haven’t been happy with the relationship at all – requests unanswered or ignored.

I think that most millennial renters are like me – they want a decent amount of bedrooms, a decent sized garden which doesn’t require too much upkeep, they want to be close to local amenities and they would like the opportunity to have pets in the house if they can. This is what we want and hopefully we can find it. What do you think millennial renters are looking for?

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