Visiting Legoland This Easter With My Merlin Annual Pass

You may have recently read our post about becoming Merlin Annual Pass Blogger Ambassadors.  This Easter holidays, we picked up our passes and spent the day at Legoland as a family. Legoland is somewhere Jack has always wanted to visit and he couldn’t wait to get round the whole site and see what it had to offer. We are so excited for our year of fun with our Merlin Annual Pass!

Picking Up Our Passes

Since we were yet to pick up our passes, we of course headed to the entrance, in particular the annual pass booth, to sort out our annual passes. My mum had come along with us to keep an eye on Olivia. Getting our passes was fairly straightforward; they simply take your details and take a photo as seen above.

LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model Display & Gallery

We quickly grabbed a snack and a drink from the café near the Legoland entrance before heading to our first thing to see – I’m not sure if Steve or Jack was more excited about the LEGO Star Wars Miniland but they were both in their element. Jack really enjoyed seeing and naming all the characters and every time I turned round, him and Steve were taking pictures and pressing the buttons to see what the models had to offer.

We also took a look at the information about how long it took for the Miniland to be set up and watched a video (sped up) of people creating the models; it really was quite fascinating! Of course, Jack couldn’t resist a light saber battle with Darth Vader!

Walking Around Legoland & Lunch

We took our time going round the park – due to it being the Easter holidays, it was incredibly busy so we took our time deciding what rides to go on and where to go for lunch. We finally opted for City Walk pizza & pasta buffet because who doesn’t enjoy a buffet? It also meant we could take our time and chill out inside; because it was such a lovely day, people were buying their food from the outside stalls which meant the buffet was fairly quiet. Being Annual Pass holders also means we get a slight discount on our food – which is great! The pizza and pasta were delicious as was the salad and there was plenty to choose from which was quickly replenished. They also offer a refillable soft drink within the price of the buffet and there was a variety of those to choose from too.

The Rides

We only managed to get on a few of the rides due to how busy the park was – we will definitely be investing in Q-Bot next time (you can reserve your ride wait time if you choose the regular, reduce your waiting time by half with the express and get on almost instantly with the ultimate). As we didn’t have any, we queued up for a few different rides for quite some time – I think we managed to get on Viking’s River Splash, Aero Nomad, SQUID Surfer and the Atlantis Submarine Voyage throughout the day but we will definitely be going back and getting Q-Bot for one of us and Jack next time to get on more of the rides a little quicker. Queues were totally to be expected at this time of year though and we had plenty of fun on the rides we did get on!

I got absolutely soaked on the SQUID surfer – you have to turn to go faster and avoid the spray which is controlled by people in the park, outside the ride! Of course, I had someone continually try to get me and Jack and I took the brunt of it, haha! I came off looking like a drowned rat but it was plenty of fun and Jack loved it!

The best ride of them all has to be the Atlantis Submarine Voyage. Steve was talking about it all day and we finally went on just before the park closed for the day. You all get onto a submarine pod style thing and are then submerged into ‘the lost city of Atlantis’. It was fascinating being up close and personal with fish, sharks and rays and it was all Jack could talk about as we left the park – it definitely made an impression on him.

The Gift Shop

After letting him know that no, we wouldn’t be staying at the hotel (bless him, he really wanted to!), we headed to the gift shop on our way to the exit and let him pick a few things – he chose a cup with Lego bricks in the bottom (of course) and a new water bottle for school – which plenty of his school friends on have already decided they want too!


As we made our way to the exit, we of course had to pass through Miniland and how amazing is it? The level of work that has gone into creating these models is immense and they are truly things of beauty. Just seeing London in Lego form was quite incredible and we could happily have spent hours looking round all of the different cities and stuff if it wasn’t getting late.

We will definitely be visiting Legoland again later in the year and we are also planning to visit a few other Merlin attractions over the next few months – now its just time to decide where to go next!

I am a Merlin Annual Pass Blogger Ambassador, I was given a Merlin Annual Pass to do this review with my family and I was not paid to do this post. If anyone would like to confirm any details in the post, please email


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  1. I have never been to Legoland and I am really impressed by all they’ve built there. The Star Wars exhibitions is truly amazing. The London mini-city is really cool as well, they even have a river bank! 🙂

  2. I love that Steve had just as much fun as Jack, it’s not just for kids ha. I always loved looking at Miniland, one because it’s so intricate and amazing to think people spent hours creating it and also… because that’s a place I can actually feel tall ha

  3. The Star Wars area would be so fascinating to see, I totally understand why Steve and Jack were so excited! Even though you weren’t able to do that many rides, the ones you did get to ride sound fab, especially the Atlantis Submarine Voyage. What a fun day x

  4. I really want to go to Legoland. We have the Lego Discovery Centre in Manchester but it doesn’t come close. My little girl would love all the Star Wars stuff. Glad you had such a lovely day.

  5. I lovw the annual passes they are just fab for these days out!! We went 3 times to legoland the year we had an annual pass haha what a great day out!

  6. This looks awesome. I love that you can q bot. I don’t think my little man would be patient to wait. I keep meaning to visit the Trafford Centre LEGOLAND x

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