How to vape safely around children

How to vape safely around children

Vaping has become a lifestyle choice for millions of people around the world but for mums and dads it can come with an extra concern. But there are steps that can be taken to ensure you can vape without adding risks to your children’s lives.

The team at Black Note, a premium tobacco e-juice producer, has put together the top tips for vaping if you’re a parent and they don’t have to affect your overall experience. By taking a few simply precautions and understanding the effects vaping can have on children, you can improve safety when you’re using e-cigarettes.

Be cautious of second-hand vape

The full impact of vaping on health is still being debated and studied. But some of the initial research does indicate that vaping can cause harm, even when the vapour is second-hand. It signals the need to be cautious when children, and even adults that don’t vape, are around.

Taking the same approach as you would when smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is advisable. For instance, moving to another room, heading outside, and being careful where you blow the vapour, are all steps that you should be considering day to day. With a few simple precautions, you can significantly reduce how much your children are exposed to vaping.

Carefully choose your flavours

A key concern for many parents when it comes to vaping is how the flavours will appeal to children and teens, encouraging them to try the habit too. Many e-cig liquids are sweet flavours, such as candyfloss and chocolate, that do appeal to a younger market.

If you’re vaping at home and around children, choosing your e-juice flavours should be considered an important step if you want to discourage them. Mature flavours, such as tobacco e-juice, can limit the appeal and even dissuade teens from giving it a go. With the right flavours, you can distance yourself from the image of vaping being a toy.

Store e-cig liquid and devices out of reach

E-juice and devices can be dangerous if they end up in the hands of little ones. Taking steps here to ensure they can’t get their hands on your vaping equipment is important. When you’re in the middle of charging your device or you’ve been filling your cartomizer, it’s easy to leave items lying around but it has the potential to cause harm.

Ensure all your vaping equipment is stored out of reach and where possible in a sturdy case. You can also purchase e-cig liquid bottles that come with child proof catches, ensuring that children can’t open up your e-juice should you make a mistake.

Help them understand

Vaping can often be seen as a cool thing to do or likened to smoking for children. Helping your kids to understand why you vape, whether it’s a replacement for smoking or not, can help them comprehend the lifestyle choice and accept it’s for adults only. With more information and the knowledge that playing around with their parent’s vaping device and e-juice can be dangerous, you can improve safety.


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