Top 6 Places to Visit for an Unforgettable Honeymoon Trip


Paris is a city where love flows in the air. It’s a perfect place for those who want to spend their honeymoon, falling into the big city rhythm, but with the taste of romance. You can spend a perfect day visiting cozy cafes down the ancient streets, gracefully visited by the greatest romantics of all ages; dive into curious crowds of Champs-Élysées; ask local cartoonist-portraitists to capture your- enamored-selves in Montmartre; make a voyage along the glittered by the night lights Seine or сlimb to the very top of the Eiffel Tower to sing the loudest serenade about love from the top of the city.

Enjoy hotels with a prominent flavor of elegance and charm. Paris was made for passionate kisses under the moonlight and romantic promenades.


Once you spend a honeymoon trip in such a majestic place, you’ll definitely unravel the secret of a perfect relaxation. Sunlit beaches, palm groves, curved ocean shores and houses on clear waters. You can find your own corner – the best place that all the newlyweds have ever dreamed of – among hundreds of tiny coral islands. Maldives is a rest not only for your body, but for your soul too. Serenity, lightness, romance and love – all of these things are waiting for you here. It would be a great idea to visit this fascinating place with one of the UA brides!


“Oh, Venice, the city of romance!”

This city just attracts lovers and happy people. It seems like every spot of it belongs to a romantic film. Marvelous monuments, cute narrow streets, melodic serenades heard from gondolas, happy enamored couples around, splashes of water – everything makes you feel like a character from a fairy-tail.


Let’s just mention that Prince Phillip and Kate Middleton spent a honeymoon trip here. It’s a real heaven on earth. The best hotels for a perfect honeymoon are: Constance Lémuria 5*, Raffles Praslin Seychelles 5* and Four Seasons Resort Seychelles 5*. Here you can see amazing flora and fauna, crystal clear ocean waters, rose gold sand, pleasant climate and incredible beauty of the underwater world. And, of course, legendary beach rocks, which are the crucial part of every “love-story” photoshoot.


You better spend some money to experience things that a world near Caribbean ocean can offer you. Mexico is one of the most colorful countries with its unique history and mentality. Here you can see fascinating nature – beautiful beaches and snowcapped volcanos at the same time. You can divide your trip into two parts, one of which will be dedicated to a joint contemplation of ancient and extremely fascinating monuments of the Maya and Aztec civilizations, and the second one will be a romantic and beautiful act of doing nothing on the azure beaches of Cancun or Los Cabos.


If you want to forget about everything and enjoy the nature, then this place will be a perfect option for you. You can see a fascinating combination of virgin nature and ancient buildings together with modern civilization. You can learn more about the culture, visit all places of interest, including paradise islands of Koh Samui, Krabi and Phi Phi (where the film “Beach” was shot, starring handsome Mr.  Dicaprio), witness extraordinary rituals and ceremonies, see Bangkok that never sleeps – you can experience everything by just visiting Thailand. Evergreen tropical forest, warm ocean and a light breeze – seriously, who can resist? As an option, you can have one more wedding photo shoot in such a majestic place. Spending romantic nights in a silence of tides under a perfect night sky, you will feel yourself in heaven.


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