Things to Cut Out of Your Daily Routine for a Healthier Life

We often take our bodies for granted when we are used to them being in good health. But there are so many activities out there that we can indulge in which have seriously negative consequences on our bodies and thus our health and wellbeing too! Usually, it’s not until people start to experience the symptoms of conditions brought on by their unhealthy behaviour that they start to try to actively change their habits and improve their health and fitness. But why let things develop this far? Instead, start taking your health into your own hands and start removing negative activities and habits from your life before you find yourself experiencing discomfort or suffering. To get you started, here are a few things that you should seriously consider removing from your daily routine!


We don’t need another study to tell us that smoking cigarettes is bad for us. It’s common knowledge that this unhealthy habit results in you being at a higher risk of developing various different types of cancers and respiratory problems. So it’s time to kick this habit! When people quit, they tend to complain that they feel at a loss with what to do with their hands. They are so used to putting a cigarette into their mouth and inhaling that they don’t know what to replace the movements with. If you can relate to this, consider vaping instead. Vaping gives you a device that you can place in your mouth. You just inhale water vapour instead of smoke! So, take a look at the different collections of e-liquids that you could try out as a replacement at

Sarah Louise Kinsella
Red Meat

Increasing numbers of people are cutting meat out of their diet. You’ll hear various reasons for this. Some people give meat up for the sake of animals – after all, in order to eat meat, you need to take an innocent being’s life. Others will kick meat to the curb for the sake of the environment – meat production contributes towards deforestation, water pollution, and excessive water consumption. But a third and extremely viable reason to remove meat from your plate is for your health. Various studies have been conducted into meat consumption, finding that there are a whole host of negative health consequences that come hand in hand with red meat consumption. Red meat is typically high in unsaturated fats, which can lead to the development of some serious heart conditions and problems with your blood pressure. So, perhaps it’s time to pick up a vegetarian lifestyle! However, it’s important to remember that you still meet all of your dietary requirements by eating a balanced diet with sufficient protein. Being a vegetarian doesn’t automatically make you healthy – you need to resist the urge to replace meat with solely cheese and carbs. Eat plenty of leafy green veg too!

While these are just two things that many people engage with on a day to day basis, they have been proven to have negative effects on our health. So cut them out! They aren’t entirely necessary and there plenty of preferable alternatives on the market that can fill the void they leave if you do decide to rid yourself of them.


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