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I’ve previously reviewed the Lost My Name book from the team at Lost My Name. They’ve recently released their new Kingdom Of You books, retailing at £19.99 with free shipping (you can buy yours here), The Kingdom of You is a personalised story built around a child’s favourite things. Your child could love pizza or princesses, perhaps dinosaurs. You make the choice and your child is thrown into their own fantasy kingdom packed with whatever they love the most. Everything  is named after them and it becomes their personal quest to clean it up after an unforgettable adventure.

I chose to personalise this one for Jack – the boy looks just like Jack with his blonde hair. Then I had to choose different things based on Jack’s preferences. Now Jack adores superheroes (his favourite superhero changes on a daily basis) and his favourite food is pizza so since they were both options for the book, I had to choose them.

The story itself has plenty of twists and turns as Jack makes three wishes – and then realises that his wishes haven’t exactly gone to plan. Luckily because he is a little boy, he is granted an extra wish (not fair on us adults who would only get three wishes, is it?) and he manages to get things to go back to how they were before.

The book arrived relatively quickly and we really enjoyed reading it together. Jack loved the inclusion of both superheroes and pizza to the story and couldn’t wait to see how the story progressed. He was a big fan of his Lost My Name book and still asks for it to be read on a regular basis, months after receiving it, so I had high hopes for his Kingdom Of You book and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

I’m always impressed by what the Lost My Name brand have to offer and I often recommend them to people who are looking for a personalised gift for a child – they are always fascinating!

What would you include in your story?

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