Ten Things You Need In Your Flight Bag

My name is Vicky and I blog at www.misstillyandme.co.uk, I have been blogging for 5 years and it really is all part of my everyday life now. You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This weekend I have been packing my flight bag for a trip to Turkey. I know that I always over pack it and it is heavy to carry but I like to have everything ‘just in case’. I have experienced a plane company losing my luggage before, so we are over cautious when it comes to hand luggage. So this is what’s in my hand luggage for my flight this week.

Swimming costume, always have this handy in your hand luggage because you can get straight in the pool at your destination. Also its good to have in your hand luggage, in case your suitcase goes missing on the flight.

Spare clothes, for exactly the same reason as the previous suggestion. If your suitcase is forgotten to be put on the plane, at least you have some clothes to wear until your luggage turns up. Also if you spill anything or you get travel sick, you have some spare clothes in your bag.

Sweets, I don’t know about you, but my ears pop on the plane. I always carry boiled sweets for the plane to suck on as we take off and land. They are also handy for bribing kids on the flight.

A carrier bag, this one is in case my daughter throws up. She loves to travel but does get travel sick. Have you ever tried to get a child to be sick in a small paper bag, that they give you on the plane.

Hand wipes/baby wipes, I prefer baby wipes as hand wipes often have a smell to them and it can be over powering in a small place. These are fab for cleaning grubby kids up and also for wiping down and freshening up.

Hand Gel, I have no idea why I take this too. But I feel its better as a disinfectant on your hands if you cant work the water after you have been to the loo.

Portable phone charger, although you can’t use your phone on most flights, it is good to give your phone or device to your child to play with on the plane. So you can recharge your phone as you travel. Its also good to have a working phone so you can let everyone know you have landed.

Different currencies, keep currency from your own country as well as currency to where you are going. Then you have the right currency for buying stuff on the plane, or boat. If we travel to France on a ferry, we pay in Euros but get change in pounds. This confuses me! Its also good to have some coins for when you land at your destination, then you can grab a drink from the drinks machine or use a luggage trolley.

Drinks and snacks, I always take my own snacks on the plane because it saves money – in fact however we travel, I take my own snacks. This saves loads of money, for drinks I buy them in the airport because they are expensive, but still cheaper than buying them on the plane. Some airports will fill your water bottle up for free.

A Blanket, I always take one of these because it can get quite chilly when the air con is on. Its also good as a comfort thing if you’re going to sleep on the plane. I don’t know about anyone else but I sleep so much better if I have a blanket over me.

What do you carry in your travel bag?

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