What’s In My Bag? | The Britmums Live Edition

What’s In My Bag? | The Britmums Live Edition
Taking inspiration from my gorgeous friend Kerry’s brilliant post about what she’s bringing to the Britmums Live conference, here is a quick post about the stuff I am bringing to Britmums Live with me. Since I will be commuting in and home both days as I only live 20 minutes away from London, my bag is perhaps packed a little lighter than Kerry’s but although this bag is small, don’t underestimate just how much I can fit in this bad boy! This bag was from New Look about 2 and a half years ago and cost me just over £20 – I absolutely love it and really don’t use it as often as I should. The keyring is an old charity keyring that I just seem to have left on there.

 First of all, I have my River Island purse (filled at the minute with lots of loyalty cards and not much actual money unfortunately..), my makeup bag, a Charlie Red body spray, a cheap diary which I use for work and blogging and 2 spare phone batteries. I got this idea from Sophia when I saw her at the London meetup; she had 2 extra fully charged batteries with her in case she ran out of charge. That day, I arrived home (luckily) just as my phone cut out and with little money on me – can you imagine if that had happened when I was stuck at the train station half an hour earlier with no way of getting home? I’m now going to be prepared for any such eventuality.

Next, we have some Boots cleansing wipes – they aren’t anything special but they’re handy to keep in my handbag; my Kindle with my amazing case which I reviewed here, my hairbrush, house keys and my phone.

Lastly, you have the contents of one of the small pockets on the inside – some antibacterial hand gel from Cuticura, a tin of Vaseline, a Boots lip salve, my Pebble Grey mirror (reviewed here), some painkillers (nearly always need them after commuting into London…), a Clinique Superbalm moisturising gloss, my work keys which never leave my bag but wouldn’t be any use to anyone, a perfume sample (I am currently trying to use up my extensive supply of these!), a tiny Olay moisturiser sample and a Dainty Doll lipstick which I bought from Hayley. I seem to have a bit of an addiction to lip balms according to my bag contents – however, these are essentials for me to carry around with me – my lips get so cracked and dry if I don’t look after them properly.

What are you bringing to Britmums Live with you, if you are attending that is? Whether it is your handbag or an overnight bag, I want to see!

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What’s In My Bag?

What’s In My Bag?
Yes, the post every blogger writes in their blogger lifetime. I recently posted about the contents of my makeup bag so I thought it was time to include an updated What’s In My Bag? post too. I have posted one before, back when I’d just started Futures, but the pictures are awful and I was a total newbie! If you’re really interested, you can find it here. I also completed a guest post for Louise here. 
It is quite interesting to see just what has changed in a little over a year.
My current bag is this gorgeous purple number. I was bought it by my friend Michelle for my birthday and it’s great! It’s just big enough to fit in everything I need without having to use the changing bag to store my stuff. I cannot find a brand name on it, so I unfortunately have no clue where it is from.
Top: Cuticura Citrus Antibacterial hand gel, makeup bag, charity badge for the Co-Operative variety club, purse, HTC Radar phone
Bottom: Building society book (my savings account – actually old style, I have to go into the branch to withdraw any money), Kindle in pink case, keys & keyrings – how cute does Jack look?
Top: makeup bag, purse & phone again, Challenge 30 sponsorship form
Middle: ELF professional brushes, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream hand cream
Bottom: Keys again, Neals Yard Remedies energising roll on, hot pink Tangle Tamer brush
Not pictured is my Blackberry which was on charge and all the random receipts/rubbish that were floating around the bottom of the bag…
What are you currently carrying around in your bag?


A busy bee.

I’ve been a busy bee around the ‘blogosphere’ (if thats even a word…) recently – I’ve been guest blogging here, there and everywhere it seems! (Please note, these were all written before my short break, I didn’t miraculously write them and send them to the girls when I had no internet…haha).
Please take a look at my guest posts in the links below, & be sure to check out the amazing girls blogs that I’ve guest posted on – they have some wonderful blogs that I think you’ll love!
If you would like me to guest post on your blog, please don’t hesitate to ask – email me at rebeccajlsk@gmail.com