Rojukiss Spot Light BB Cream

Rojukiss Spot Light BB Cream
 Older followers may know that I am part of a certain beauty panel for Wishtrend; the WUBB Beauty Bloggers. Comprised of myself, Sarah from Life In A Breakdown, D from Sweet, Grace from All That Slap, Liss from Latino Look and Laalaa from Dolce Vanity, we occasionally get sent products from their ranges to try out – sometimes the same, sometimes different.
Meet the Rojukiss Spotlight BB Cream*. Described as being good for oily and combination skin, this BB Cream originates from Korea; one of the leading original countries for the production of BB Cream.
I have tried various high street alternatives but was always told that the original formula’s were different and sometimes even better to the ones we know and love on our high street. 
Said to cover blemishes whilst creating a natural skin tone, I was eager to see how it would fare. The various big name brand alternatives that I have tried have left me a little disappointed and reluctant to dip into the BB world again – so this popping through my letterbox was definitely a chance to try again! 

The formula itself is quite thick, a big difference to many of the other creams that I have tried. I did worry when applying that this shade would be too dark for me: fortunately, it suited me perfectly – however, it cannot be said whether it will or won’t work for you – having only one shade does hold its limitations.

 As I’ve mentioned, the formula is thick and incredibly moisturising. I found application a little rough; it seemed to drag across the skin as I was applying – however, this isn’t a deal breaker for me. I used this as a base for my makeup the other day before work and had a few (nice!) comments about my skin that day; which I’d have to contribute to the BB Cream itself! 

All in all, this is a fantastic BB cream – a great alternative to Western BB creams that we can so easily find on our high street. If it applied smoothly, I would have given this a 5 out of 5 – no doubt about it! However, although it isn’t a deal breaker, I can’t get past the dragging sensation so for that reason, I’ll have to give it a 3 out of 5. 

This BB Cream currently retails on Wishtrend for $20 (50ml) – which roughly converts to just under £12.50. A little more than our high street brands perhaps, but better in quality for sure. 

What is your favourite BB cream?