REVIEW: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Beauty Oil

REVIEW: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Beauty Oil
In November, I reviewed another product in the Rio Rosa Mosqueta range, the Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream. In my review, I mentioned that the product seemed to work best with the oil alongside it, which I unfortunately did not have in my possession at that time. The lovely people at Rio Rosa read my review, and offered to send me a bottle of their beauty oil to try out for myself.
The Rio Rosa Mosqueta line is part of the Rio Amazon collection, started over 20 years ago by the founders of Rio Health, who were then living in Brazil. They had experienced the vast benefits of the South American herbs available and felt that we should benefit from them too. Thus, the Rio Amazon collection was born.
The beauty oil claims that it is proven to fade scars & reduce signs of ageing – naturally.
It also claims to be 100% natural pure, pressed unscented oil – free from all those nasty parabens and chemicals.
For a new mum like me, a beauty oil that is said to reduce scars is an absolute godsend. I have some awful stretchmarks, and have been using this oil regulsrly to see if I can spot a difference.
The packaging of the product is fairly simple, and extremely similar to that of the day & night cream. The only difference is thst whereas the cream came in a tub, the oil comes in a pumped bottle.
The design is sleek, simple and pleasing to the eye. A simple company name, logo and measurement are all that adorn the front of the bottle, with usage instructions placed on the back.
The oil is designed to be used sparingly, massaging 1-2 drops 2-3 times daily onto clean skin. I kept to this routine, and although I cannot see a drastic change yet, I will continue to use it and keep noting the results!
The oil itself is a clear substance and surprisingly quite fluid, not like water but not as ‘oily’ as you would expect it to be! It is not unpleasant to touch, and is easily absorbed into the skin. Many other scar and stretchmark products leave you feeling greasy for hours after application, however this product sinks in almost immediately, allowing you to go about your daily business straight away without feeling uncomfortable.
For all its claims, how does the product match up?
The positives of the product are that it is 100% natural, free from all additives, has a great design and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and uncomfortable for hours after application.
The negatives are that although I have been using this product regularly since Jack was born, I am yet to notice any major change. I know I shouldn’t be swayed by other reviews and testimonials, but I have read a few where the product has worked amazingly within the first couple of weeks.
Although I have noticed that the redness of my stretchmarks has lessened, I can’t help but feel a little put out that it hasn’t worked all its wonders for me yet! I know, however, that everybody is different to everyone else, and am going to continue using the product for the foreseeable future – it has definitely done more for my skin already than any other product has!
Do you suffer with scars or stretchmarks? Perhaps Rio Rosa products could be the one for you! You can buy the beauty oil in all good health shops across the UK or from the Rio Health website for £10.49 for a 20ml bottle (the size I was sent) or £20.49 for 50ml. It can also be found here on Amazon for as little as £7.
Have you tried any Rio Rosa products in the past? What did you think of them?
I was sent this product for review purposes by Rio Rosa. All thoughts and opinions in this review are entirely my own, and I will always provide a 100% honest review for my readers.

REVIEW: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream

REVIEW: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream
A couple of weeks ago, the lovely PR team at Rio Rosa Mosqueta sent out a tweet (find them on Twitter here) asking if anyone would like to try their Anti-Ageing Day & Night Cream. I responded to their tweet, and within two days, received my free sample of cream to try out.
Rio Rosa Mosqueta are a natural cream and oil company who specialise in products that help scars and blemishes to fade and combat signs of anti-ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet. Clinical trials have proven their products to have a success rate of over 90% in reducing the above complaints.
The brand has been widely praised in the press, with both The Sunday Times and The Mail On Sunday offering positive testimonials on their website. The actress, Lisa Faulker, also sings the brands praises.
Some people may say 21 is too young to start using anti-ageing products, however, it’s always good to look after your skin, no matter what age you are. My aunt has been nagging (or should I say, politely requesting) me to take more care of my skin before it’s too late and I’ve started to listen to her.
The first thing that struck me when I received my sample was the packaging. I love items that are packaged beautifully and this product is no exception.
How much prettier could it be?
The tub itself is also quite stunning:
The day & night cream claims to:
  • rejuvenate tired looking skin
  • help prevent the signs of ageing
  • improve moisture levels
  • be free from parabens, paraffins or other synthetic ingredients
It also claims to be certified organic, to protect against UVA damage and soften fine lines. So how does it match up to its claims?
The product is said to be suitable for all skin types – which is a bonus for me, as well as it being organic! My skin is usually horrible but I have noticed a (positive) change during pregnancy, so I’m hoping that if my skin reverts back to its original state after pregnancy, that this product will still suit me.
For best results, apply the cream morning and/or evening (it seems to be your choice) onto cleansed skin. It does suggest to use Rio Rosa Mosqueta oil first (find it here; 20ml bottle £10.49, 50ml bottle £20.49), however as this was a free sample, I did not have the oil to use first of all so I just used the cream. If you use the oil and have the cream too, I’d love to read your thoughts on the product to see if the results differ in any way.
The cream itself is quite thick and not at all gloopy and smells absolutely divine. I struggled to put my finger onto exactly what the fragrance was – if anyone could enlighten me, I’d be very grateful.
Not the greatest picture, I’m afraid – but it gives you a general idea of the consistency of the cream itself.
The sample tub I received is the same size as the actual product (50ml), which retails on the website for £14.99 – definitely a very generous sample for me to try out!
I decided to have a little pamper session to myself whilst Steve was out at a darts match (well, as much of a pamper session as I can achieve at 37 weeks pregnant!) and applied the cream once I got out of the bath.
Does my skin feel better? Have I noticed any difference?
I haven’t noticed any significant changes just yet – although lack of sleep has left my skin a little fatigued and after applying the cream, my skin does look a little fresher. I plan to keep on using the product to see if I can notice any major differences.
What did I like about the product?
  • The consistency – it wasn’t gloopy like many other anti-ageing creams
  • The fragrance
  • The beautiful packaging
  • The natural ingredients
  • Generous sample size and reasonable price for the product
What did I dislike about the product?
  • The product did leave my skin feeling a little dry
I shall be trying this product out again very soon, and shall post my findings on my second experience with it.
For more information on Rio Rosa Mosqueta products, visit their website here.
Have you tried any Rio Rosa Mosqueta products? How did you find them?
I received this sample for free from Rio Rosa Mosqueta; however all thoughts stated in this review are my own.