REVIEW: Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation

REVIEW: Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation
You may have seen me talking about the £1 beauty sample box from Latest In Beauty a few times on this blog, and this foundation is one of the samples I received in my first £1 box. The concept of this box is brilliant – it is aimed at those of us who want to try out new samples each month without necessarily having to pay a hefty price tag. Latest In Beauty do have other sample boxes for more than a pound, but I thought I would try this extremely affordable box – for £1 and six samples (2 of each product), how can you go wrong?
The first sample I am going to review is the Mary Kay foundation. I had never heard of Mary Kay before receiving this box, so I took the liberty of googling the name to find out a little more.
For 45 years, Mary Kay has helped women all over the world look great, feel great and achieve their dreams. Mary Kay United Kingdom offers powerhouse skin care for beautiful, healthy-looking skin and body care products that nurture, soften and protect from head to toe.
(taken from the Mary Kay website)
I am extremely fussy when it comes to foundations, and this instance bears no difference. Being paler than pale can be, I opted for the Ivory shade.
Whilst it came out looking quite ivory-toned on my hand, I have to say that once applied to my face, the same could not be said.
It wasn’t orange on my face as such, however, being used to better known brands like Rimmel and their ivory foundations, I found this shade to be a little less ivory, a little more orange-tinted once applied to my face.
No one seemed to notice a drastic difference from my normal foundation however, so although I felt there was an orange tint to it which didn’t suit my skin, it seems others didn’t notice.
On the plus side, the foundation stayed put all day – I applied it at 10am and was still perfect when I took it off that evening. Also, if you’re interested in getting a sample box from the Latest In Beauty range, I’d definitely suggest choosing this as a sample – for a tiny little sachet, there was more than enough product for one application – you could easily manage two, perhaps even three – the product just kept giving!
For a first-time application, I have to say, despite the orange tinge, I am greatly impressed with what this foundation has to offer – I just hope that the slight orange tint in my ivory shade is a one-off!
Have you tried any of the Latest In Beauty sample boxes?
Have you previously tried any Mary Kay cosmetic products?
I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings!

Holiday Makeup Bag – The Contents

Holiday Makeup Bag – The Contents
Just a quick post today, showing you what I’m taking away for my four day weekend down in Camber Sands. Literally can’t wait to get away for a couple of days, maternity leave is great when you can think of enough things to do – not so great when you’re bored senseless! Of course, baby will soon be taking up the majority of my time in the not so distant future, so I really shouldn’t complain about boredom – I won’t know the meaning of the word very soon!
Fear not however, I have scheduled a few posts for you whilst I’m away, ranging from a guide to boosting your Boots Advantage Card points, to my top five blogs to follow right now, to a little Christmas gift guide. Enjoy!
For now, lets take a look at the goodies I am taking away with me:
Top Left: Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Roll On, Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in 250 Glamourous Pink, Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation in Ivory
Top Right: Samples from the September Latest In Beauty £1 beauty box – Natura Organics Rich Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner, Skin Doctors EyeTuck and Mary Kay Timewise foundation in Ivory
Bottom Left: My trusty Sex And The City compact mirror from Boots, Lush Colour Supplement Multi-Purpose base colour in Light Yellow, my as-yet-unopened Avon Extralasting mascara in Black
Bottom Right: My ‘Holy Grail’ product Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream lip protectant, Avon ColorTrend PencilPlay eyeliner in Black, Collection 2000 lipstick in 3 True Moisture, Avon Treu Colour eyeshadow in Emerald, MUA lipstick in Shade 2
As yet, the only items I haven’t tried out are my new mascara (present from my Nan) or the samples from the beauty box. I’ve been waiting until this week to use them, because I thought that it would be fairly easy to take some sachet samples (also, read a great post about how to sample haul from Yu here) with me rather than a whole washbag full of stuff. However, since I have a makeup bag jam-packed full with the stuff above, I think I pretty much failed on the ‘packing lightly’ thing.
Look forward to my reviews of the samples & the mascara upon my return… can some samples from a £1 beauty box be all that great?
What do you carry in your travel makeup bag?
I’d love to know!

In The Post: 19th-26th September

In The Post: 19th-26th September
I recently posted about some giveaway wins I had received in the post, and after seeing how popular In The Post and In The Mail posts have been on Leanne’s and WitchHazel’s blog, I thought I would make this a regular feature.
I just hope I receive enough interesting things in the post each week to merit its own blog post!
Without further ado though, here’s the majority of the items that dropped through my letterbox this week:
A different array of goodies
Let’s take a look at the separate items:
First of all, my £10 Boots gift voucher from Valued Opinions. I have mentioned before that I am a member of a variety of survey sites, and this site just happens to be one of my favourites. You can cash out at £10 (which is pretty easy to get to, believe me – I cashed out two weeks ago, and am already halfway there again!), and you can choose from a variety of gift vouchers. I always choose Boots though, as you all know I seem to spend half of my life in there!
Next up was my giveaway win from Charlotte’s recent giveaway. I received these gorgeous Models Own nail polishes, and can’t wait to try them out! Thank you, Charlotte!
We now have something a bit random for the baby box. A month or so ago, Bepanthen were giving away free samples of their nappy cream, so I thought this would be a useful thing to have in the baby box ready for when baby arrived. My sample arrived, and I thought nothing more of it, until this morning when another sample arrived. I’m not complaining – I’m just completely baffled as to why they sent me two samples!
This was also a bit odd to receive. A recipe book, especially for pork? I had no idea where this came from, until a little slip of paper fell out. I recently entered a competition to win some Le Creuset cookware, and it seems the company holding the competition are sending out these free recipe books to those who enter. As my family are huge fans of pork, I think I will definitely be attempting some of the yummy recipes from inside!
Another blog giveaway win, this time from Donna’s blog party giveaway and wonderfully designed by Kat from Atavision. I hadn’t taken it out of the bubble wrap when I took the picture because I was petrified I would break the frame! I’m so glad it made the safe journey across the Atlantic from Kat to me! It’s just beautiful, isn’t it? & how lovely is that message?
Finally, and perhaps most interesting of all to some of you, is the £1 beauty box. £1, I hear you cry? Yes, thats what I first thought too, until I read Nora’s post about it, and instantly signed up.
Instead of coming out of your bank account/paypal, like other beauty boxes do, you simply sign up to this beauty box with a text. Yes, one £1 text a month.
This box is by Latest In Beauty and you can find out all about the £1 beauty box on their website.
You can choose three samples; one for body & hair, one for skincare and one for makeup/perfume.
I chose the Skin Doctors eyetuck, the Mary Kay foundation and the Natura Organics shampoo & conditioner. I know these are unfamiliar names to a lot of us, but isn’t that the point of these monthly beauty boxes – to try new things? I shall be reviewing my box in another post shortly. I have to say though, I feel for £1, you definitely get your moneys worth! I would say this is a definite buy if you’re a bit strapped for cash, yet don’t want to miss out on the beauty box craze.
Have you received any nice things in the post this week?
What are your thoughts on the Latest In Beauty £1 box?