HOW TO: Write & Send A Guest Post

HOW TO: Write & Send A Guest Post
If you’re a blogger who often guest posts for other bloggers, this is for you.
You may have seen this trick around before. This is the easiest way to send a blog post. If you send the text and images separately, have you ever found that the post sometimes ends up a little muddled at the other end? Or have you ever received a guest post and had to piece it back together? I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. This should solve all your problems.

I originally found out how to do this from the lovely Ellie over at Misseblog. She posts some fantastic tutorials, why not take a look?
If you’re not a blogger but like to write guest posts, this probably won’t apply – but read on for more information if you wish.

For this tutorial, I’ve used my most recent Like, Love, Loathe post.

Step 1

Open up a new post on your blog, as if you were to publish the post yourself.
Step 2
Write up your post as normal, with links and pictures if needed.
Step 3
Once written, click on the ‘Edit HTML’ tab next to the ‘Compose’ tab. Select all the text in the box and copy.
Step 4
Compose a new message in your email. Paste the text into the message box.
Step 5
The blogger you are guest posting for can then open up a new post in their own dashboard and place your html in.
Step 6
Your post is now ready to be published – and it’s all in the right order!
Would you like to see more tutorials in the future? If so, what would you like to see?
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