Beauty | Enca AC Control BB Cream

Beauty | Enca AC Control BB Cream
It seems to be all about the BB creams over on this here blog recently, doesn’t it? For someone who declared her dislike of them not too long ago, I have had some pretty positive experiences with BB creams that I’ve tried since. As part of my monthly reviews for Wishtrend, I was recently sent this item to try out and see how I got on. I have been trying it out for a little while now and finally feel ready to give my views.

Said to be a tri functional cream, I was intrigued to see if it could really tackle all 3 areas: wrinkling, whitening and protecting my skin from the sun. Although whitening isn’t really a problem for my skin, I have recently noticed some fine lines and wrinkles appearing on my complexion and am starting to think that the best idea is to tackle them head on before they get too bad. I also really need makeup items with an SPF as I am so awful at remembering to put sunscreen on – so knowing that the makeup I am wearing is protecting me just that little bit is very reassuring.

I put this to the test on a busy Saturday at work. Working in retail means I am on my feet all day and inevitably rushing around, especially on a market day such as Saturday, so I really need something that will last the distance and not disappear too easily.
As you can see from the two pictures above, the cream is a fairly light colour and I did wonder if this would leave me looking, thus feeling, washed out. Once blended (in the bottom picture), it actually left my skin looking quite radiant and healthy. I do often look washed out and exhausted when at work, I have been suffering sleep wise recently, but there is one girl at work I speak to quite often about different makeup (I also often tweet asking for advice on her behalf – she loves all you beauty bloggers out there!) and she remarked how bright my complexion was. This was really nice to hear as it is all too easy to feel a little self confident when trying out a new product, even if it looks perfectly fine!

This BB cream, as well as its tri-functional elements, is also acne controlling if you hadn’t guessed the name. I don’t really suffer from acne, only suffering from a breakout or a little bit of redness occasionally, so I cannot comment on how well it works in regards to that claim.

How did it fare? As I said, whitening doesn’t really pose a problem for me, but when it comes to the other two functions, it did quite well. Whilst leaving me with a fresh complexion, this cream also helped to slightly cover the fine lines that have started to crop up. I say slightly, as they were still noticeable, but nowhere near as much as before. The SPF left me feeling very well protected but whether it really protected me as much, I cannot be sure – I was in work for most of the day and the sun truly did not have his hat on that day!! Its wear time was pretty impressive. I was at work for 6 hours the day with a commute either way (only 15 minutes but I have to get into town early for work and have to wait around for a bus afterwards…) so let’s say 8 hours – this was just starting to shift after that time, which included running up and down the two flights of stairs numerous times for customers plus constantly rushing around downstairs changing displays and carrying heavy items everywhere. Pretty impressive, huh?

It seems that my opinions on BB creams have totally swung in the opposite direction in 2013 – my experiences so far have been totally positive and this one is no different. You can buy the Enca AC Control BB Cream on the Wishtrend website here for under $25 – definitely worth investing in!

I will be posting a review of another Enca product in the week, keep an eye out for that!