Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream – A Review

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream – A Review
You may recall me posting way back in February about the fantastic Wahanda deal I had found. I was looking to repurchase my Elizabeth Arden lip protectant stick already when I found all five products plus a little bag for the bargain price of £22. Since the lip protectant stick itself is £19 in the shops, I didn’t hesitate in buying this little set for myself. I promised reviews of the products and although it is five months later, I have got a variety of products to use up before starting some of the other Elizabeth Arden products but they will be up in due course.

I’m sure all of you know the brand name Elizabeth Arden but if you don’t, here is a little background information.


Elizabeth Arden was started by Florence Nightingale Graham over a century ago, opening her first Red Door salon on 5th Avenue in 1910. Her belief was that ‘beauty should not be a veneer of makeup, but an intelligent cooperation between science and nature in order to develop a woman’s finest natural assets‘. By the 1930s, the brand had opened salons in the majority of the world’s fashion capitals, swiftly becoming the brand we all know and love.

The Packaging: We all instantly know when a skincare product is of the Elizabeth Arden brand – the white background, red logo and black writing is synonymous with the company, Although nothing spectacular, the packaging is instantly identifiable and wouldn’t look out of place on display on a dressing table or hidden away in a bathroom cabinet. The plastic tube has a squeeze-dispense mechanism – my favourite way of releasing a product, as you can easily control just how much you are getting – and a flip top lid which easily snaps back into place, even with hands covered in product!

The Product: I dispensed a fair-sized amount into my palm, roughly the size of a 10 pence piece – and massaged it into my hands. Of course, as it is a hand cream, you would not expect to see any product on my hand above, although it does leave a nice, subtle sheen – I’m not sure if that is very obvious in the above picture.

The product itself felt creamy and luxurious and I could feel it sinking into my skin almost right away. I let the product do its work for a few more minutes and was amazed at the results – although my hands have never been exactly dry, I do suffer very occasionally with some dryness around the knuckles. This product kept them feeling refreshed and moisturised for hours.

Would I repurchase? Without a doubt, yes. Just not right now as I have a mountain of hand creams to use before I shell out for this! Although Elizabeth Arden products sometimes come with a hefty price tag, the quality of their products cannot be denied.

Where can I buy it? 
Ebay – £6.99 // Cheap Smells – £17.95  // Amazon – £19.90 // Boots – £24 // Debenhams – £25

Have you ever tried any Elizabeth Arden products? What were your thoughts?


Holiday Makeup Bag – The Contents

Holiday Makeup Bag – The Contents
Just a quick post today, showing you what I’m taking away for my four day weekend down in Camber Sands. Literally can’t wait to get away for a couple of days, maternity leave is great when you can think of enough things to do – not so great when you’re bored senseless! Of course, baby will soon be taking up the majority of my time in the not so distant future, so I really shouldn’t complain about boredom – I won’t know the meaning of the word very soon!
Fear not however, I have scheduled a few posts for you whilst I’m away, ranging from a guide to boosting your Boots Advantage Card points, to my top five blogs to follow right now, to a little Christmas gift guide. Enjoy!
For now, lets take a look at the goodies I am taking away with me:
Top Left: Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Roll On, Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in 250 Glamourous Pink, Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation in Ivory
Top Right: Samples from the September Latest In Beauty £1 beauty box – Natura Organics Rich Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner, Skin Doctors EyeTuck and Mary Kay Timewise foundation in Ivory
Bottom Left: My trusty Sex And The City compact mirror from Boots, Lush Colour Supplement Multi-Purpose base colour in Light Yellow, my as-yet-unopened Avon Extralasting mascara in Black
Bottom Right: My ‘Holy Grail’ product Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream lip protectant, Avon ColorTrend PencilPlay eyeliner in Black, Collection 2000 lipstick in 3 True Moisture, Avon Treu Colour eyeshadow in Emerald, MUA lipstick in Shade 2
As yet, the only items I haven’t tried out are my new mascara (present from my Nan) or the samples from the beauty box. I’ve been waiting until this week to use them, because I thought that it would be fairly easy to take some sachet samples (also, read a great post about how to sample haul from Yu here) with me rather than a whole washbag full of stuff. However, since I have a makeup bag jam-packed full with the stuff above, I think I pretty much failed on the ‘packing lightly’ thing.
Look forward to my reviews of the samples & the mascara upon my return… can some samples from a £1 beauty box be all that great?
What do you carry in your travel makeup bag?
I’d love to know!


This is my FOTD, or rather FOTN, from last night.
I had planned to take a picture of my face in all its madeup gloriousness (gloriousness, yeah right…) last night but being the ditz I am, I totally forgot.
So please excuse the fact, I have just cropped my friend out of my picture & used this picture instead:

Eyes: Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Roll On (obviously not visible, but wearing it all the same!)
Avon Long Lash mascara
Avon True Colour ‘Emerald’ eyeshadow
Face: Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation in ‘100 – Ivory’
Lush Colour Supplement ‘Light Yellow Multi Purpose Base Colour’  (free from More! magazine a while back)
Lips: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15 (as always)
Collection 2000 lipstick in ‘True Moisture’ creme
Have you done a FOTD today? I would love to see it!

REVIEW: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15

REVIEW: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15
As some of you may know, I recently purchased the Elizabeth Arden lip protectant stick in a mega Boots haul on their website. I also bought some Clinique and Herbal Essences goodies, but this was the main item I wanted.
At £19, this stick is far from cheap, and Elizabeth Arden is known as a premium brand on the site. I had been umm-ing and ahh-ing over purchasing this item for quite some time, but decided the time was right to buy it…why not treat myself a little?
I digress slightly. The reason I wanted to buy this protectant in the first place is because I suffer from VERY dry skin around my lips – not cold sores, but dry, cracked skin above my upper lip. I have tried countless lip balms and Vaseline, but everything seems to make it worse, and although it does go down eventually, it does make me feel a bit down. I mean, who wants to go around with a mouth that looks like the lipstick hasn’t been applied properly? (Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for myself, I don’t have any photos of my lips in their cracked state – a godsend, some may say!)
My friend Mel recently told me how wonderful she found this product, and made me try some on my lips. Needless to say, the cracked redness of the skin disappeared almost overnight. However, I had more attacks of it as I didn’t have the product to hand when I needed it.
I had been wondering why they had been getting so bad, they had never done this before. I then realised that at my workplace, people are constantly switching the air conditioning on and off, and the atmosphere changes just like that *clicks*. Obviously, when its hot down on the shop floor, with no drink to hand, I end up licking my lips and irritating the skin. 
I had had enough. Hence the mega Boots haul. I have applied it twice a day every day since I received the product last week, and my lips have never looked better. They are one of my more favourite features of my body and if this is the result from just a weeks worth of use, bring me more Arden products!

Excuse the awkward cropping, I have an almighty spot right by my lip & my freckles are extremely visible today. Don’t get me wrong, I love my freckles but not when they leave me resembling a dot to dot!
As you can see, my lips look hydrated and healthy, and hopefully this is whats here to stay. I will keep on using the product, and will see if any cracking or redness appears in the future, so stay tuned.
I rate the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick 5 out of 5 for ease of use and application, and for the speed it works at.
I was not paid or asked to review this product. All products mentioned in this post were bought with my own money.