Style and Substance: Every Home Office Needs These Things

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More of us than ever now work from home, and having the ability to earn a decent wage without leaving the house is the perfect scenario for most. No long commute, no boss breathing down your neck, no annoying colleagues and no expense on things like travel or eating out for lunch. When you work from home you have flexibility, which is perfect if you have other commitments you need to adapt your career around. Earning money from home all starts with a good home office, here’s what you need to ensure yours includes.

Nice decor and good storage

As human beings, we really are influenced by our surroundings. It’s not always something you’re acutely aware of, but clutter, the wrong colours and general disorder can add to your stress levels. Heightened levels of stress will always affect productivity, which is bad news when you’re trying to run a home business, work as a freelancer, blogger, or from home in general. Pleasant surroundings are much more important than you might realise. Clear out your home office, getting rid of any clutter and junk. Find proper organisational systems for important documents so everything is neat and you can find them easily. Decorate the walls in a light, neutral colour and add a couple of decorative touches. A pretty light fitting, a motivational quote framed and hung on the wall and a couple of plants will all work well. Make your home office a place that you actually want to spend time in.

A good quality desk and chair

As well as looking good, you also need your home office to be practical. Chances are, most of your time will be spent sat at your desk, and so a sturdy piece that’s as big as you can get it (while comfortably fitting in the room) is a smart move. Find a good desk chair, don’t just buy the first model you see. Go to an office supply store and sit on lots of different chairs, finding one that feels the most comfortable and offers you the right level of neck, back and lumbar support.

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Proper lighting

Dark and dingy surroundings can contribute to eye strain, and overly harsh lights can bring on headaches and migraines. Ideally, your desk will be placed close to the window so you can make the most of the natural light. If you work through to the evenings, a good desk lamp with a bulb that can be adjusted. Invest in a smart bulb, you can change the brightness and even the colour temperature depending on what you’re doing.

The right tech and software

Whether you’re blogging, freelancing or running a home business, the right tech and software is essential. A high quality, fast and reliable computer is necessary since this will be where most of your work is done. The right software will make you quick and efficient, saving you time, hassle and money. It can even prevent fraud, software is the convenient way to achieve KYC compliance for example and verify customers identities. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you’re not a professional business, so things need to be run that way.

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