Strictly Briks Brik Buster Trap & Gap | Review

These items were sent for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack loves construction toys, he’s constantly building things so when offered the chance to review the Strictly Briks Brick Buster Tower (£26.99, available at Amazon {affiliate link}) and the Strictly Briks Classic Trap & Gap (£21.99, available at Amazon {affiliate link}), I knew he’d love them.

Both these products can be used with other leading brands and Jack has been playing constantly with them. He took great pleasure in building both sets once they arrived – you can see in the pictures below how he built them, mixing and matching colours as he saw fit to create what he saw as the perfect design.

The Brik Buster set comes with 4 baseplates and 30 stackers. As you can see, you don’t necessarily need all 30 stackers to create a tower but you can utilise them if you so wish to create your perfect design. Once you’ve designed your perfect tower, it is time to knock it down – see how many bricks you can knock away before the tower falls and collapses. This is great for helping children to learn both balance and cause and effect. Jack has had ever such a lot of fun building and rebuilding the tower and seeing if he can beat his previous high score on number of bricks. He has also utilised this as a tower block for his LEGO people – as with most construction toys, this is very versatile and really relies on your child’s imagination!

He’s also loved attaching his Trap and Gap set to the Brik Buster tower to create an even higher tower – much like a multi storey carpark! The kids have enjoyed whizzing their cars around the massive tower!

As you can see, there are plenty of ramps and trap doors which provide hours of fun. This set in particular helps children to learn construction and the basics of engineering. As before, Jack designed it his own way. This set comes with two general baseplates, two baseplates with traps and gaps and 15 stackers. Like the other set, you don’t necessarily need all 15 stackers to create a durable design but the choice is obviously yours.

You can build this as high as you want which Jack loves to do with both the Trap and Gap set and the Brik Buster set – he makes ever such tall towers and has such a lot of fun with his sister, pushing their toy cars up and down the ramps, pushing them through the trap doors and letting his figures from other leading bricks companies roam around the tower.

I’ve been very impressed with the two items from the Strictly Briks range that we were sent. I love that their products are compatible with other companies products – it certainly makes my life easier that he can mix and match. I also really like that they help with certain skills such as engineering and help them learn new things such as cause and effect. They are also extremely affordable for the sets and certainly help to inspire imaginative play. It has been eye opening to see my two playing together with the sets and their other similar construction toys, making their very own world.

I can see these being very popular this festive season. Have you ever tried any Strictly Briks products?

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