Soap & Glory ‘Mist You Madly’

Soap & Glory ‘Mist You Madly’ body spray, travel size miniature of 100ml
The other day, I was having a browse around my local Boots store, looking at their baby products when I found myself wandering over to the travel miniature shelves. I always take a look at this section when in Boots as I often pick up new products to try, and by only picking up a mini sample of the product, I’m 1)Not breaking the bank of Bex and 2) Not committing myself to the product if I don’t like it (which I would with full size products because I hate to waste my money!)
Now, I have enough shampoo & conditioner, Vaseline and so on to last me a lifetime right now, but the little beauty above caught my eye. I haven’t tried many Soap & Glory products but this bottle of body spray really stood out to me.
Priced at £3.11, this product is perhaps on the steeper end of what I would pay for a mini product, however the gorgeous packaging and of course, the smell of the body spray swung it for me.
Described as a flirty, floral, fragrant body spray, ‘Mist You Madly’ definitely is all of the above. I find it has similarities to Flower by Kenzo, my all time favourite fragrance, and I couldn’t resist spritzing myself with it once I’d left the shop.
So, my thoughts on this product? Well, I only bought this yesterday morning, but I have found this has been sufficient time to make a judgement on it! I really love the scent of this body spray, and it seems others do too – a few of my colleagues happened to mention yesterday during my shift how nice it was, and even the boyfriend approves!
I am definitely one of these people that always has a body spray tucked away in the depths of their handbags, I normally use the Impulse brand, who’ve never done me wrong. However, for the sheer fact that this body spray smells like an absolute dream and the fact that I received plenty of compliments on it (fickle, moi?), this product will definitely be the go-to bodyspray of choice and be a staple of my handbag for the forseeable future.
I rate this product 5 out of 5, I have not found anything wrong with it as of yet, but I shall be sure to update this review if I do!
Are you a fan of Soap & Glory? What products do you love?

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