Selling Your Car? Here’s How to DIY

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Selling your own car or simply buying a used one is, in fact, quite straight forward, While a lot of people think that they absolutely need the help of a professional in order to ensure that they’re not being scammed, there’s a lot of money to save by doing it yourself – regardless of whether you’re buying or selling.

Here is a handful of tips in terms of selling your car in case this is the first time you’re doing it. That way, you can feel a bit more confident about getting everything right.

First: Advertise the sale

Undeniably, you won’t be able to sell your vehicle unless potential buyers know that it’s for sale. Make sure that you market the sale of your car both on the vehicle itself, by putting up a ‘for sale’ sign as well as your contact details, and make it available on those online platforms as well.

You can find a lot of different sites where private people market their vehicles for sale, and it’s going to be a lot easier to get the kind of price you’re looking for when a lot of people are able to see it. Have a look at this article, first of all, to see which sites you can use – and remember to take some good photos of the car as well.

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Know the market

A part of advertising the sale is to set a decent price on it, though, and this is hard to do unless you understand the market. What is your car likely to sell for? Some types tend to get a higher price than others such as a family sedan – while convertibles often are more seasonable.

Have a look through those sites where you can advertise your vehicle and try to compare the price you have in mind with the price of similar vehicles. Services such as kelley Stephen James Premium can help you out with this and ensure that you get the kind of vehicle you have in mind.

Give your car a makeover

Now that you have your car listed on a few sites and have it marked at a reasonable price, it’s time to wait for those buyers to show up. Most buyers will want a good first impression of the car they’re buying, though, so you should give it a proper wash first.

Take it in for a wash or simply do it yourself – as long as it looks shiny and sparkling for the buyers, you’re good to go.

There are still a few more formalities to take care of while the sale is in process in terms of limiting your own liability. Have a look at this article, first of all, and make sure that you’ve got everything covered.

At least you will be able to enjoy the money from the sale without giving away a portion of it – and you’ll probably realise that selling a car is quite a lot easier than you thought.

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