The Search For A New House Continues…

I have mentioned recently that we have been looking for a bigger house in our area. At the moment, Olivia is, at 13 months, still in our room as we only live in a two bedroom house and Jack’s room is far too small to fit the two of them in. Luckily we have quite an abnormally large bedroom so it isn’t too bad but I would so love my own space back.

Before Christmas, we were looking at three and four bed properties in our village. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on which way you look at it, the prices in our area are quite high so it can be quite difficult to find a house that fits both our needs and our price range. We were lucky enough last year that I was earning enough for Steve to leave a job he was unhappy in and he’s hopefully about to go part time in a new job from next month or April. We found that the fact that I was the only one working counted against us as my income can be variable so we have put off looking again until now.

We did find the perfect house in the village, close to the school, close to our beautiful common that we are so lucky to have and close to the amenities. It has been on the market for months and now we are finally in a position to put another offer in, it looks like they have finally rented it out.

This summer, Steve may also come into some money from an inheritance. We already have plans for this – put most of it in savings and pay off any outstanding debts. Hopefully we’ll also be able to put down 6/12 months of rent for a place as well whilst the savings accrue some interest and the debts fall off our credit score so we can hopefully get a mortgage. But if we find the perfect place in the village in the meantime, what will we do? Go for it of course.

But just what is the perfect place for us? Well, it needs 3 or 4 bedrooms for a start. One for us, one for Jack, one for Olivia – if there is another, that’s a bonus. We want wood flooring throughout the downstairs – we live in a house right now that is fully carpeted and that is totally not kid friendly – with Olivia at the age that she is, discovering food and exactly what a nappy is and trying to take it off, carpets are a nightmare. We want a decent sized kitchen – we currently have a galley kitchen and not enough space for all of our utensils. I want somewhere I can actually cook properly without feeling cramped and so Steve and I can start putting recipes on the blog again. We also want a dishwasher – this girl is fed up of hand washing!

I want a garden. Yes, we live a stone’s throw away from the local common right now but it hasn’t really been fair for Jack to grow up without a proper garden. I also want a decent amount of storage space – I’ve already mentioned that this house doesn’t have much in the way of kitchen storage and the same can be said for most of the house. We’ve got a cupboard in each bedroom and our garage – that’s it. It’s a flat roof so no loft and we do struggle with everything – after all, with two kids we’ve got car seats, bikes, pushchairs, toys…so much stuff and nowhere to put it. Jack has even got a whole bedroom set that he hasn’t been able to use yet because it won’t fit in his tiny bedroom so it is currently stored in the garage.

It may seem that we have got a whole list of things we want and it should be quite impossible to tick all the boxes but luckily the majority of properties round here come with plenty of storage space, decent gardens, downstairs wood flooring and enough bedrooms – it’s just the budget that often throws us.

For now, the search for a new house continues. I’ll keep perusing the websites looking for a local place and fingers crossed we find our perfect home soon!

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