Remember Remember The 5th Of November

What have you got planned this weekend for Bonfire Night? Anything special? Like many people around the country, we will be heading to our local fireworks display on the village common. We’ll be wrapping up warm and Jack will be spending much of our money on the rides at the fair. Our fireworks display is free to view – although donations are welcome – and the fireworks are so fantastic that lots of people come from outside the village to see them. It can get very busy though so it is important to keep hold of your child at all times as they could easily get lost in the crowds. It can also be a long time queuing for rides with so many children wanting to get on.

Families Online have managed to compile a fab list of the best fireworks displays in the UK and you can even search for displays close by to you. We have a variety of fabulous displays in our area on both the Saturday and Sunday so we really are spoilt for choice and could attend a couple if we so wished.

You can simply pop in your postcode or allow the site to access your location and it will let you know of the various displays in and around your area so you have lots to choose from – you certainly do if you live in an area like mine, there is tons of fantastic displays happening. Families Online is a great resource for all things family related and always has great round ups like this showing you what is happening in your location at specific times throughout the year.

Jack has been excited all week about going to see the fireworks. He knows that as soon as Halloween is over that the next weekend means fireworks and having fun at the fair with his friends, eating candyfloss and hot dogs and spending lots of Mummy and Daddy’s money on the rides.

I can’t wait either as it is a lovely event in our community which nearly everyone comes out to see. We’ve got some things happening in the daytime then will be heading to our display in the evening with some of our friends and some of Jack’s friends. Bonfire Night marks the start of a variety of fun things in our local community as we head towards Christmas so it is always fun to get involved with the events being held. Although our fireworks display is free to go and watch, our village does rely on donations on the night in the donation buckets and people buying raffle tickets (with businesses donating raffle prizes) to host it each year – the fireworks aren’t exactly cheap!

That’s what we have got planned for our Bonfire Night weekend – we may even head to another local display on the Sunday night. We have heard that the Harpenden Rugby Club display is spectacular but we are yet to see the spectacle for ourselves – maybe this year is the year and we can make a proper weekend of it.

What have you got planned for Bonfire Night? Are you doing anything special?


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