Refreshing My Blog With Logojoy

Logojoy final design

I received a premium package free of charge from Logojoy with which to create my new logo.

I’ve been blogging for six years now and every now and then I get a bit bored of how my blog looks. Now I am not the most techy of people and usually end up relying on others to create items for me – I seek out decent layout designers or theme creators just so I can give my site a fresh new look.

However it can get quite frustrating when you know exactly what you want but can’t quite verbalise it – and when you aren’t techy enough to create something for yourself, what are you to do? Well recently I was introduced to LogojoyΒ and I was extremely intrigued by the concept.

Logojoy uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help users get great quality design quickly at an affordable price. They are located in downtown Toronto and utilise AI to bring customers exactly what they want. I was kindly offered the chance to try out a premium package (worth $65) to create some logos and see how I got on.

Logojoy Picking Logos

First of all you select the styles, colours and icons you would like. I chose a couple of styles I liked, a few different pinky/purple shades and some icons which I think were relevant to me – a pen, a laptop, a book, a baby holding their mother’s hand and a mother holding hands with her son and daughter.

Logojoy picking colours

Once you have chosen these, you will be shown a number of different 100% custom logos tailored entirely to your business. As you scroll, more will be added – if you have favourited any, the logos generated will be based on these. When you favourite a design, you can actually see it in action – how it would look like on business cards or even clothing. This is great if this is something you offer. If you make changes to your design, these will edit in real time so you can always see the updated designs.

Once you have settled on something, you can then choose between 475 fonts, 550k+ premium symbols, 5.5k colour presets and 6 layouts to perfect your design. You can even change the spacing and font size if you so wish. Then all you need to do is purchase your final design and once purchased, Logojoy will send you all the files a designer would – these include high res PNGs and vector files. They even include perfectly sized versions for social media and even create some brand guidelines.

Loogjoy purchasing options

There are three different purchasing options. Basic package is $20, the premium is $65 and enterprise is $165. As I was offered the chance to try out the premium FOC, this is the plan I opted for.

So what did I think?

I think the concept of Logojoy is brilliant. Some people would love to have the skills to create beautiful logos but don’t and they don’t have the funds to necessarily pay someone to design them something especially if they can’t quite tell them what they want. Logojoy cuts out the middle man – it enables you to control every step of the way with some help from some AI, taking the things you want and turning them into stunning logos ready for use.

Once I had purchased mine, I was sent over my file as expected in any file type I could ever need. Based on my colour scheme, this is what I finally opted for and am very pleased with.

Logojoy final design

I will definitely be using the site again in the not too distant future as I am looking to update all of my sites and you just can’t go wrong – I always struggle to tell people what I want from a design so to actually be able to get something exactly how I want with a little AI help was always going to be a major plus point for me.#

Would you give Logojoy a try?

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