Putting My Best Boot Forward

I recently saw Kate talking about Best Boot Forward and just knew I had to be involved. A linky and group created by Kate and Chloe, their message really resonated with me and I knew I wanted to get involved.

Last week they asked if any of these questions resonated with those reading.

Have you got lost as the individual you are somewhere in the mix of juggling responsibilities? YES.

Do you feel there must be a little more in life for you? YES

Have you given up on your dreams? A LITTLE

Do you crave just a little time for yourself or perhaps you are the opposite and would like to make new friends? YES

Do you look in the mirror and an inner voice starts criticising how you look? YES

Would you just like a little support as you take on new things? YES

It is like they were speaking just to me. BFF is designed as a support network and I can’t wait to get properly involved.

This week, Chloe asked some questions. They were:

What has your first step been and how did you find making it? Mine has been getting back on track with healthy eating, arranging a girls night in with my friend (no kids) and arranging a time and a running buddy to go running with in the evenings whilst Steve looks after the kids.

When can you make time to take another step forward and what will this be? I’m making time this week to arrange a date night for me and Steve – we don’t get enough time together.

Where is your favourite place to spend time outdoors? My local common – it is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to get back to running around it again

I’m determined to be more positive in 2018 and I’m hoping I can push forward with those also putting their Best Boot Forward. Won’t you join me?

13 thoughts on “Putting My Best Boot Forward

  1. I am so thrilled you have got involved and these things like Best Boot Forward do seem to magically find the right people at exactly the right time. I think my last girls’ night in was in the Nineties! That needs to change sometime for sure. Date nights are so important and so easily neglected I find although we have made great strides on that front recently. Healthy eating and running – will watch with interest as these are up on my priority list for change too. Remember you are more than welcome over on the FB group too and I look forward to getting to know you more and more this year

  2. Thank you so much for joining us in Best Boot Forward. We’re thrilled to have you along! I too am starting out running again so we can support each other in that and I’m glad to hear you have been able to make a start in everything all ready. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. Good luck with your new plans. It sounds like you are heading in the right direction. We all need support from time to time and it sounds like you have found the right support at the time you really need it.

    John M

  4. I hope you succeed with a positive 2018 and your running journey. I also need to create more date nights for my hubby and I. It’s hard as we have 4 small children (including a baby!) but it’s a definite must. Good luck, lovely!

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