Playmobil City Life Children’s Playground | Review

We were sent this set for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Jack is a big fan of Playmobil. The brand played a big part in his birthday and Christmas presents last year and will be doing so again this year. We recently reviewed the aquarium and were also asked if we would like to review the City Life Children’s Playground, available here exclusively at Smyths for £39.99. I immediately said yes as I knew it was something on the birthday list and couldn’t wait to see how we got on.

For ages 4-10, the set came packaged well with lots of little bags with different Playmobil bits and pieces inside. The set includes a carousel, a slide, swings, sandpit, skateboard ramp and picnic area plus lots of little details such as the little tiny squirrels and birds, the picnic food and the tiny flowers. We loved the portable BBQ, bottles and bottle crate!

The detail that has gone into this set is great; they really have considered all aspects of a children’s playground when designing. It took a while to put together as some of the pieces are quite small and can be a little difficult to snap together. Jack found a few things difficult to put together and he is almost seven so I’d advise helping your child if they are on the lower end of the age range for this.

Something we really liked about the set is that there were a vast number of figures included so it didn’t matter whether you were playing with the different elements of the playground separately or all together as one massive playground, you always had enough figures to do what you want. It was great to see that the figures ranged in age with some adults, some children and even a baby with its very own stroller!

When putting the set together, the aspect we probably found most difficult as a team was putting the trees together – trying to figure out which set of leaves went where was quite hard as we only had the picture instructions to go by and so many pieces looked similar! Other than that, I found it fairly simple to put together although Jack struggled with putting the bike together and the carousel seats.


I think my personal favourite part had to be the carousel – it is so simple to put together and such a lot of fun to spin with the child figures all in enjoying the ride. Jack particularly liked the swing section with the tyre swing and the rocking boat.

So what did we think? In terms of value for money, this is great. £39.99 for all the stuff you get is great – there is literally so much to see and play with in this set. It was a little fiddly to put together in places and with some quite small pieces so I’d suggest some parental help putting the set together if at the lower end of the age scale. The instructions were fairly clear – except for the trees, I’d say – and Jack has had a lot of fun letting the figures play in the playground since.

If your little one is wanting Playmobil this Christmas, this would be a great set to start their Playmobil journey if they haven’t already. If they have already started their journey, this would make a great addition to any other sets they already have.



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