Planning Our Summer Holiday


I need a holiday. I probably say that every week but sometimes it just all gets on top of you. Work has been hectic as has been my personal life and sometimes you just need a break. Now with Steve at work and Jack at school, I’m not going to be able to get on holiday until the summer holidays but we are already starting to think about where we would like to go.

There are so many places on my travel bucket list that I want to see before I die. My family are well travelled and I’d love to be the same. My aunt is perhaps the most well travelled and she is always talking about the places she has visited, speaking most fondly of the Greek Islands.Β She spent a few summers in Crete when she was younger and a couple of years ago after selling her flat, she spent some more time out there and really enjoyed herself. She has told me the Greek Islands are a great place for both lone travellers and families and with both Steve and I wanting to holiday somewhere warm, they sound like the perfect choice.

Planning to travel as a family can be quite stressful. Making the travel arrangements, trying to ensure we are all sitting together on the plane (even if we do have to pay extra for it). Planning ahead is vital especially now we have another young baby. Last time Steve and I went abroad together, Jack was 9 months and whilst I’ve been abroad with friends since then, we haven’t actually been abroad with Jack since then – we have no idea what to expect so want to fly to a place that is within a reasonable distance time wise and that will be perfect for all of us – after all, we all want to enjoy our holiday together, don’t we?

The one big thing stopping us? Money. I’ve spoken of our big push to pay down debts and save a little money – I’m managing this quite well with cash in my savings pot at home and money being skimmed from my bank account into my savings account. I’m trying to up my savings as much as possible through decluttering and once we’ve got an emergency fund? Anything extra will be going towards a holiday. Working from home can be stressful and it means I’m often stuck between these four walls – having a break away for a week would be amazing.

We will be continuing to look to see what holidays we can afford but I really have got my heart set on visiting the Greek Islands this summer or at least sometime in the future. I’ve heard so much about them from my aunt and would love to visit to see just what the places she loves are like. When you’ve heard about something for most of your life, then the wanderlust only increases. Here’s hoping I can save enough money to fund a fun family holiday for us this summer – we definitely need it!

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