Picking Our Perfect Family Car


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So our car recently failed its MOT and that really sealed the deal that we need to purchase a new car soon. Whilst the thing it failed on was easily fixed, the garage mentioned that there were going to be a few potential issues coming up in the future which weren’t that bad now but could become worse. It is going to work out far too much to fix in the end – our car is ten years old now – so we’ve decided to bite the bullet and pick something new.

It can be hard to work out what you want from a car though. We know we want a fairly large boot and that it needs to be at least a five seater – no zippy little two seaters for us, you know! It needs to be a real family car but I am reluctant to go walking around numerous dealerships and car lots trying to find the perfect vehicle like we did with the car we own now.

I’ve been looking for a good resource to help us work out what car or cars we need in our life. Cars.com is such a resource. You can search by make or body style, read specs and reviews on cars you like the look of and even find service centers and dealers near you for when you’ve made that choice. No walking round various dealerships trying to find the perfect one – you can make the decision online with a few searches and a few clicks of the mouse!


The expert reviews really help to cement your decision – I’ve already got only a handful of cars in mind now but of course, I am not the driver! I’m getting Steve to look and see if we can agree on a make and model that would suit our family best.

Have you checked out Cars.com yet? If not, why not? You may just find the perfect car for you!


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