Organizing Your Life to Reduce Stress

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Organizing your space is one of the most crucial ways of reducing stress. Having a proficient system to keep track of your appointments and papers can gradually reduce stress-influenced conditions like ulcers, heart disease, and depression.

According to a study by Psychological Science, staying organized can positively impact your eating habits. Learning how to stay organized is easy, but remaining organized is a different matter.

These tips will be helpful.

6 Tips on How to Stay Organized

Make Your Bed Immediately After Waking Up

Undoubtedly, making your bed improves your life in many ways. It might sound like a small matter, but making your bed every morning gives you a great sense of accomplishment. It makes you feel organized and ready to face the day. Spreading the bed is a two-minute task, but it will set the tone of the day. Small but mighty!

After a stressful day, all you want is to get to your bed. But it can be more stressful when you get to your room, and all you see is a messy space with clothes and shoes cluttered everywhere. This kind of situation will drop your mental state. Can you remember your stay in a hotel? You find a tidy room and your mood elevates right away, and you cannot wait to climb into a crisply made bed. Create the same setting and mood at home!


Decluttering is the key to an organizational system that helps in reducing stress. The idea of living uncluttered, simplified life with fewer items sounds attractive. Clearing out the clutter will leave you with fewer items: less debt, easy to clean, less stress, and more energy to focus on greater passions. Organizing your office or home will lift the weight off your shoulders and might inspire you to seamlessly iron your projects.

When you look around, you may find at least 15 items that you don’t need. It could be used pens, nonfunctional calculators, bottles of shampoo, and empty cheese cans. Declutter your wardrobe too by giving out clothes and shoes that you have not used for the last six months.

Plan Your Day the Night Before

If you don’t have a planning framework, you will always leave your house late or leave without everything you need. Waking up to an organized home is captivating and sets your mood right for the day. When you get back to your house in the evening, ensure you set everything ready for the next day.

Sort out your wardrobe and ensure you have all you need. Have a strategic place where you keep car keys and phone. You can also prepare breakfast at night to minimize the time wasted in the morning. Set the alarm to remind you of your appointments. It will help you start your morning in a relaxed and centered mood without rushing around.

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Learn to Say No

You should learn to set boundaries. This will significantly reduce stress by having limits and sticking to them. You don’t have to attend every party, serve on every committee, or participate in every activity. It’s time to lose the knee-jerk response of saying yes whenever someone asks you to attend an event or to do something.

You also don’t have to handle every issue that comes your way personally. You would rather say no than burden yourself with additional responsibility. Saying yes to everything will leave you overwhelmed and at the end, you will do a shoddy job.

Always Have a To-Do List

When it comes to a stress-free life, prioritization in organization is paramount. A to-do list helps you set your priorities and keep you focused. However, different lists work differently for each person. Therefore, do not be compelled to do what others do. You can create a weekly to-do list and then break up things to daily tasks.  Avoid making a long list.

Although your list can have easier tasks, don’t overburden yourself. Narrow down to important things and stick by your list. You can do other things only once you accomplish your daily tasks; for example, you can wait to return a friend’s phone call until after you finish clearing your inbox.

Keep Dishes Out of the Sink

A stack of dirty dishes is unappetizing and ugly. Create a routine of putting silverware and plates in the dishwasher immediately after eating. You can even wash them by hand and get them to the shelves to keep them from piling up.

These are just but a few tips that will help you stay organized to reduce stress. By following these ideas and doing them over and over will cement into a habit that will help you remain organized and lead a stress-free life!

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