Being Open About Your Health & Knowing Where To Turn


Some people don’t seem to have any health problems but for the majority of us, we have at least one thing. Being open about our health, especially when things go wrong, is so important. Open communication can help save our lives if needs be – why wouldn’t you be open about your health?

It is also important to be completely open in a medical situation. In most medical situations, your notes will be right there in front of your GP or someone at the hospital but if it is an emergency, sometimes they will need to act fast. Being upfront about any problems you may have will hopefully prevent any accidents happening that could have been avoided. We’ve all heard the stories about people being given antibiotics or medicine that they are allergic to and something untoward happening – of course, medical notes should be checked in the very first instance but mentioning any allergies or conditions to medical professionals OR at the very least having previously communicated your health problems with friends and family should help to avoid something like this happening. These accidents do happen unfortunately – but that doesn’t mean that you need to let them slide by.

Are you open about any or all of your health issues? Everyone in my friends and family knows I have been diagnosed with asthma and hayfever, among other things. They know I’ve had operations before and what for. They know what I am allergic to. This means that should I ever be in a position that I can’t verbalise my existing medication or conditions someone can do it for me.

Daan Stevens

This has proved very helpful in the case of my father before he passed away – knowing exactly what medication he was on, what dosages and what conditions he had made it much easier when he was admitted into hospital.

Unfortunately my family has also been in the situation where medical negligence nearly caused my Nan’s death. She has never wanted to take it further in the form of complaints and compensation but she was admitted to our local hospital with a very minor infection and was given 10+ times the dosage of medication she should have been given. Her liver started to fail, she was jaundiced and was rushed to the Royal Free with the outlook not looking good at all. Luckily she is still with us today but it was a terrifying time and a mistake that should never have been made.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are there for when things go wrong. If you believe you have a case for clinical or medical negligence, then they can help you and aid you in claiming if you wish to do so. I’ve been quite lucky in my medical history and never had anything go properly wrong but I know plenty of people that have. Some people choose not to proceed with any claim despite being entitled to something and others decide to claim. It is entirely up to you and it is important you know that there are people to turn to.

Are you open about your health? Are there people you trust with this information should they ever need to use it?


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  1. I’m fairly private about my own health issues, usually thinking they’re nothing to do with anyone else – however you make a good point about it being important for the people around you to know how things stand in an emergency.

  2. I have a host of medical issues and take lots of medications. I have it written in a book along with my husbands and daughters issues and medication so if anything is to happen its to hand. It’s so important

  3. I haven’t had any terrible health issues so far in life but I appreciate there are times people may want to keep their health problems private – say around fertility (though there are likely to be 2 people involved here). But it is a good idea to trust at least one person with vital as you never know what life may throw at you.

  4. I think the majority of people are private with certain information. Maybe fear of being stigmatized. Especially mental health issues. The level of trust would have to be very high. My grandparents seem more so private, maybe that is an era issue, growing up in wartime. I’m not sure but I think the area of divulging health, whether physical or mental is a delicate area.

  5. Thankfully at the moment I am fine in regards to my health but I know a lot about the health issues both my mum and nan suffer with which hopefully I’ll never need but it’s good to know. So sorry to hear about your nan x

  6. I’m not open about my health, but I’m just more of a private person about certain things, I guess? I see the value for sure in being able to trust and talk to someone!

  7. I speak to my boyfriend about any health issues and I’m glad I have him to discuss it with. Otherwise I’m quite private to be honest. I guess most people are quite guarded like that.

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