Now You Are Going Into Year One…


It seems like only yesterday you were going into Reception – I even read the post I wrote about your first few weeks just last week and couldn’t believe how long ago it was and how much you had changed since then…and some things that have never changed.

You still love lunches just as much as you did when you started – especially on Friday when it is pizza day. You’ve been enjoyed the ‘cold’ option of rolls – tuna, ham and cheese rolls are often making their way into your lunch choices these past few weeks. You still enjoy English and Maths and having time learning through play.

But how have you changed over all this time? Your reading has come on leaps and bounds – so much so that you were level 6 just six weeks ago and you’ve made the leap to level 9 in that time – and the teacher says you could potentially move up to level 10 – however they have had to take in your reading records to give to your new teacher!

Day 1 of Reception | Last Week of Reception

We received your school report last week and you are right on the expected level for everything except Maths and English which you are apparently exceeding expectations in. You have grown in confidence so much since September – before, you would just talk to your peers and would shy away from talking to grown ups – now you are so much more eager to chat with everyone. You are less sensitive and more likely to stick up for yourself when something is wrong. You have really grown so much in a year and it is amazing to see.

Now you are going into Year 1, I can’t wait to see where your journey goes. Your learning journey was so interesting to look at – seeing what you have done all year. I know it is going to be strange – your Year 1 teacher has been helping out in your Reception class so you are used to her but you are going to have to say goodbye to your Reception teacher and wave goodbye to the Teaching Assistants you are so used to – one is leaving and the other who you have had since nursery is staying in the lower years. It will be an adjustment but I know you will persevere and just get on with things and I can’t wait to see what Year 1 has to offer you.

Just a few more days of Reception, Jack – let’s make them count and have a fabulous time.

Mummy x



13 thoughts on “Now You Are Going Into Year One…

  1. Enjoy your last few days in reception Jack! I had my little boy’s parents evening last night, he’s only two and will be going to pre-school soon – TOO fast! I’m glad Jack is enjoying school so much, I like the sound of pizza Fridays!

  2. Awwwh what an awesome journey!! Well done for doing so well in reception what a cool little man exceeding expectations too!! My eldest is starting reception in September and I can’t quite believe where the time has gone!

  3. Ahh good luck to Jack for starting year one soon, so lovely that he’s had a great time in reception! πŸ™‚

  4. My son is in year 1 now and finishes tomorrow. It’s amazing the leap they make from reception to year 1. Enjoy your summer with your little boy X X

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