Our Childcare Plans For The Future

With the big changes happening in our life in the next few months, we have really got to start thinking about how we are going to use our time and what we will do in regards to childcare. With Jack being in full time school apart from the holidays, we don’t have to worry about him but of course we still have Olivia to think about.

Currently I work from home and look after Olivia whilst Steve works full time outside of the home. He’s moving to part time work and will be studying so I will be needing to make up the rest of the money that he would usually earn. We know I can do it but this will require me to have more dedicated work hours and whilst Steve will be able to look after Olivia when he isn’t working or studying, we have to consider that we may need to utilise some childcare if he is working or studying during my working hours.

Of course we have family and friends that will help us but we are also considering putting Olivia’s name on the waiting list for our local pre school/nursery. It is very sought after and we know that we need to get her name on the list asap if we have any chance of getting her in there.

But obviously we would need to make sure that it is the perfect childcare setting for our child. Safety outdoors in nurseries and of course indoors is paramount (play area surfacing is SO important) and the quality of the childcare needs to be 100%. I know that everyone raves about the place so I am positive it will be the right place for her if we do decide to place her in childcare for some days of the week if needed.

Do you utilise childcare around your working life? Let me know what you do.



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