Nostalgic For The Nineties

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I was born right at the beginning of the Nineties so I remember them well. I’ve got so many memories – from the toys I bought to the food I ate to the bands I loved. It was just such a fantastic time to grow up, everything seemed so innocent back then.

What things make you nostalgic for the nineties? I loved Pogs and Polly Pocket. I loved my Tiny Tears doll and my Puppy In My Pocket toys. Who didn’t love Kerplunk? Then you’ve got the films – some of the best films came out in the Nineties in my opinion.

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Then there were the bands.

As you can expect, one such band that I absolutely adored was, of course, the Spice Girls. Sporty was always my favourite and I was her in my little group of friends when we pretended to be the band! I even had a Spice Girls lunchbox. I must have watched Spice World the movie a trillion times and wanted to be in a band myself if I couldn’t actually be Mel C!

Did any of you watch the Britain’s Got Talent final last night and happen to catch this advert below? It premiered for the first time in one of the commercial breaks during the final. Check it out here:

Now even though this is a brand new advert, this partnership is nothing new. People my age will certainly remember the Walkers and Spice Girls partnership from the past so them collaborating on this advert is a stroke of genius!

Thanks to Dev’s misstep in not sharing his crisps with the 90’s icons, one superfan has the chance to take his place. Walkers will be revealing the winner very, very soon and were very impressed with how people showed their super fandom!

I was a very big fan back then and I love them still now but I was never quite in the realm of super fandom – how about you?

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It’s actually my 30th at the beginning of next year and I am planning on having a party, perhaps with a Nineties theme because, of course, that is my favourite decade! But what would you have at a Nineties party?

Are you nostalgic for the Nineties? What do you remember best?

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  1. I would have a 90’s party but to be honest the 80s was more my scene. I loved all the New Romantics like Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. The Spice Girls however were a great girl pop band. They celebrated differences

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