Mums, Hallmarks Hidden Heroes

We were sent these items in order to create this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

When it comes to events like Mother’s Day, what card brands come to mind for you? For me, it is always Hallmark and that is coming from someone who worked in a high street card shop with numerous brand names stocked for three years!

Hallmark recently got in contact with me and asked if I would like some Hallmark goodies to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day. I didn’t need asking twice. They kindly sent me three Mother’s Day cards – Steve and I have picked one each for our Mum’s respectively and Jack may just be giving me the Wonder Women one, haha! They also sent out some Itty Bitty’s – a wonderful Wonder Woman Itty Bitty and a limited edition Supergirl one too. How super cute are they?

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, Hallmark wanted to make sure that mum’s know that they are loved, cared of and are ultimately the real heroes in their little ones lives! I know how much Jack loves me, he tells me often enough but I wanted to talk about how much my Mum means to me.

I haven’t always been the best of friends with my Mum. In fact my teenage years were probably quite stressful for both me and her – but I would go so far as to say she is one of my best friends now. Sure, we butt heads occasionally (okay, a lot more often than I care to admit) but that is because we are so alike.

Since my Dad passed away in early January, she has been a tower of strength to me as I’ve coped with being a new mum whilst grieving. She’s been grieving herself and I’ve been trying to look after her but she’s been so good to me these past few months – she’s about one of the only people I can talk to about the loss of my Dad and she listens and understands what I am trying to say.

She’s a great Nan to my children too and I hope any grandchildren I have love me as much as my children love my Mum. It is cliche to say but my mum is the best – we’ve finally got to the point in our lives where we truly understand each other and that’s great. She’s definitely my Wonder Woman, my hidden hero.

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