Our Muddy Boots Crate From Vintage Apple Crates

Muddy Boots crate

We were sent the Muddy Boots crate for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own,.

Jack does football on a Thursday and has his club on a Friday. Now, due to the temperature and the weather, he is usually indoors on a Friday night instead of playing on the common with his club but he is still playing outside on a Thursday afternoon. This makes for a very muddy messy Jack when he gets home.

We’d been looking for somewhere to put his boots when we first get in from club, before I take on the inevitable task of cleaning them. I’ve also been looking for somewhere to store the family wellies after a nice leisurely walk.

The team from Vintage Apple Crates recently got in contact and asked if we would like to review their Muddy Boots crate. Priced at £29.99, the crates are made from their most popular and premium grade crate type and each crate is hand stenciled for the true rustic look.

We’ve been keeping ours outside during the decent weather and then moving it into our front cupboard by the front door when the weather is a little more awful. It has been a great talking point for our visitors, plenty of people have asked about it and where they can get one too.

These can fit multiple pairs of shoes or boots – there’s usually only one or two pairs in there but it is handy to know we can fit more as and when needed. There is a bigger gap under the top slat so the crate can be easily carried.


Each crate is customised by hand and the woodworkers add the black stencil lettering. So what did we – and especially Jack – think of our crate?

Jack loved it. It turned up whilst he was at school and he couldn’t wait to put his muddy football boots in there. Shoe storage is something we severely lack (and we have a lot of shoes!) so we were so excited to receive this Muddy Boots crate. He’s been excited every time he goes out since that he can come home and put his shoes in the crate – how cute is that?

We love that it is customised by hand – so many brands who offer customise items do so using technology so it is fantastic to know that the woodworkers add the black stencilling themselves.

Muddy Boots crateWe love ours – and as I mentioned before, lots of people have been asking where we got ours from. I’m hoping Vintage Apple Crates see some orders soon from my friends as they (and especially their kids) love it! In fact some of Jack’s friends have tried to put their own ‘muddy boots’ in there!

What do you think of our crate? Do you love the rustic vibe like we do?

3 thoughts on “Our Muddy Boots Crate From Vintage Apple Crates

  1. This is a great idea. I could do with one for our porch. Normally we leave muddy shoes and boots outside the backdoor and it’s a mad rush to get them in when it starts to rain!

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