Maximise your bedroom space with these savvy storage tips

Creating a space savvy bedroom is all about organisation and the correct furniture. A lot of us tend to focus on the on our décor additions when it comes to being space conscious and that tends to be where we go wrong because you can do a hell of a lot more with your bedroom furniture. Just simply changing where you place your bed or your lighting can make the world of difference to storage space. Here are some tips to help you out.

The right bed

Your bed is of course the most crucial part of your bedroom. For a small room, the bed takes its shape the heart of the bedroom. For a bigger bedroom having a bed right in the middle of the room could work really well also. But for the best results of storage and space is a storage bed. With these you can pull them up by a handle and you have so much storage underneath to put anything you want in it. Check out Divan Beds Centre for a wide selection of beds and choose the one that give you more space saving goodness. If you are fixated on on not having your bed in the corner of the room, then get yourself matching floating beside tables as this will free up lots of foot space for you. Get a bed with a low frame and headboard as well because they create the sense of spaciousness.

Shelves and wardrobe space

Moving away from the bed now and on to the wardrobe and shelving space. If you have a smaller bedroom a wardrobe with a glass / see through door adds so much more. But, if you’re not one for organisation or tidiness then it probably bests that you have translucent doors or mirrored ones. An open rail is also a great choice; it gives off so much more space plus things are a lot easier to find on a rail, great for those on a smaller budget too.

Customise your wardrobe and shelve system as it will help you store lots more stuff. Place baskets for your things in those awkward spaces near the ceiling or in the corners as it will magically transform into useful storage space. If you take the time to properly store all your clothes, then it could give a lot more storage space and more than likely make you realise you don’t need or wear half your clothes!


This is a unique idea and one that is only for an acquired taste. But trunks fit in so perfectly with any sized room and can be in any colour you want. They are big enough to keep at the bottom of the bed and you can store extra pillows, blankets or clothing in. You could opt for smaller ones or large ones whatever you prefer.

Recycle and reuse

Try and think outside the box and what is around you that users can use for storage. For example, use wine boxes for shoe storage! These can be hidden under your bed, the bottom of your wardrobe or placed neatly in the corner of your room.

Are you someone with loads of shoes? Check out these other clever ways of storing them.

Hopefully, you have some storage inspiration now and can begin to interpret them into your bedroom.


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