Live a Little – Being Bad is Actually Good for You

Is it just me, or adult life is getting harsher by the minute? I’m not going to reminisce about the wonders of childhood, worry not, though I remember it being pretty fun. But adulthood can sometimes be really hard!

The reason I feel the life is getting harsher is because the list of things we shouldn’t do is getting longer by the minute. So many things are all of a sudden bad for us, right? Sugar, dairy products, meat, gluten, caffeine, alcohol – is there anything else left besides kale?

This is just about our diet. There are many more things that are bad for us. Playing online games, like slot machines or bingo for example, for money or not, is considered a ‘waste of time’.  Gamers are often scolded for not putting their time into better use.

But, there are also gaming sites that let you play for free before trying to win real money like on the slots site.  So you can practice because as they say practice makes perfect!

I can understand why. Many of the online games are very violent, and apparently also addictive. A while ago I read an article about gaming rehab camps in China and Korea for teenagers. Apparently if you spend too much time online, playing games or anything else, it is not easy to stop.

More things we can’t do because they are bad for us: watching silly sitcoms, plain old daydreaming, longs naps in the afternoon.

Well, I don’t buy it. I believe we have to cut ourselves some slack here and there. We can’t be the perfect adults, always super-functional, multi-taskers machines. We weren’t made for it.

I’m not alone in this belief. Actually, a lot of studies support this and even take it one step further claiming that ‘being bad’ is good for us. Let’s look at a few of them.


Go Ahead, Get Angry

We are always told not to get angry, that it’s not good for us because it raises the blood pressure. Right? Wrong.

A study in Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh found that people that respond with anger to irritating situations actually maintain lower blood pressure than those who bottle up their feelings.

So next time something, or somebody, annoys you, it’s OK to get angry. It’s even healthy. Of course, as long as no one is getting hurt—that’s not okay.

Take It Easy

You don’t have much choice, you have to be productive. There is so much stuff to take care of, especially if you have a family. If we steal a few minutes here and there the little voice in our head keeps nudging us about what needs to be done.

Well, next time you feel like taking a break, do it. Public health expert Professor Peter Axt says that “lazy-ing about” is important for long life. His research found that people that jog long distances in their 40s and 50s are wasting energy that the body needs for cell renewal and fighting diseases. Professor Axt advises: “waste half you free time”. That’s advice everybody should probably adopt.

Online Fun & Games

The Internet has been blamed for so many things it is hard to keep up. I’m not advocating spending all of your free time playing online games, but according to a research done in the University of Miami, that examined the effects of online gaming, we are in the clear on this front as well.

The research concluded that playing online games have a positive effect on health, if done in measure and don’t substitutes real sport. The head researcher said that “it’s better than just sitting and watching TV”.

That’s great news! Who doesn’t love playing games, online or not? So next time you have some free time on your hands, don’t feel bad about logging into your favorite gaming site, be it an online slots casino like PrimeSlots where you’ll win real money, or the really fun Papa’s Bakeria, and play along, guilt free; spin the reels of a slot machine and hopefully make some money along the way.

This is Your Green Light to Be a Little Bad

Everything is not black and white. There are ups and downs, there are two sides to every coin. I really believe that being bad sometimes is liberating. It makes us feel young and carefree, and it is usually a lot of fun.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – be a little bad here and there. And you even have the research backing it up. Enjoy!

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