Why laminate flooring is the most family friendly floor you can find

Deciding what material you want for your floor is not easy, even more so when you have to think about the younger members of your family. Having children means you need to think not only in the aesthetics but also in the practicality and durability. Here are some facts that could interest you if you are considering to install something a little more budget friendly, like cheap laminate flooring instead of an expensive real wood. Hopefully these pointers should give you a little insight as to why we think laminate is the most competent flooring for family life!


If well installed, the life expectancy of a laminate floor can be around 20 years. This high endurance is due to its construction. Laminate flooring is composed of four layers, the first one is known as the backing and this is what separates the subfloor from the rest of the layers and helps to prevent moisture seeping through. The next layer is the core, this is what helps the floor support the weight when people walk over it. The third layer is the image and it is as its names indicates, this is the layer that helps to recreate a particular material for the floor to imitate. Finally we have the wear layer, this is a protective layer that sits on the top of the floor.

Thanks to this construction, the floor is very hard wearing  and highly resistant to scuffs, dents and scratches. Laminate flooring is highly recommended for places with big temperature changes, because of its construction it doesn’t expand or contract, unlike real wood.


One of the most advantageous qualities of laminate flooring and one that is especially good when it comes to family life is that it doesn’t need much care and maintenance. Due to it being waterproof, laminate is highly resistant to spillages and will just need to be regularly mopped.  This is great if you you don’t have time to spend hours cleaning a floor and means that you don’t have to worry about your kids playing on it and causing any damage. Because of the low level of general maintenance required, laminate floor is perfectly practical and good value for money.


Because of its locking system and plastic wear layer, moisture can’t get in, as we said earlier, this makes the floor very hygienic. Again, as it is very easy to clean and doesn’t collect dust like with carpets, it is perfect for people who suffer from allergies, something very common among kids nowadays. This feature is very important especially if you have children of a young age, whose immune system is weaker and as a result tend to catching bacterias easier.


Laminate flooring is a very low cost floor, coming in much cheaper than solid or engineered wood. But it also doesn’t have any associated cost that other floors could have, this is due to its easy installation. This is another key advantage, you can install the floor by yourself.  Its versatility helps you also to save money.  Laminate floor is available in a wide range of styles, it can replicate different kinds of wood, and simulate the effect of tiles and stone.  This is very good if you are tight on budget, and you would like to renovate the floor of more than a room.

In our opinion, all of these features make the laminate floor the most family friendly floor on the market. It is the perfect compromise between good looks, low maintenance and practicality. You will be able to have a house that looks nice without having spent too much, as well as worrying about keeping it clean and looking fresh too!

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